the odd clock irregular links What's the big deal about links?

Links are the most basic means through which the democracy of the Internet is established. Forget paid online advertising. Forget promotional fanny packs. If you've got links, your web site has got traffic.

It's not just the direct pathway between one web site and another that a link creates. A link to a web site helps that web site get higher rankings in most search engines. The more links there are to a web site, the more likely that web site is to be found on Google, for example.

So, we've assembled the irregular links in the categories below not just because we want to help our readers find ideas and information that will be useful to them. We also want to help the ideas and information find readers.

This is a new model of mass media that the corporate media giants can't stand. Instead of money and power determining what's available for consumption, we the readers and writers have a role in structuring the universe of ideas. Instead of passively flipping through a limited number of channels on TV, we have the chance to create and select the sites available to us and to others.

If you favor a certain point of view, if you'd like for a particular idea to get wider distribution, link to it. The alternative is to let it fall by the wayside.

  • Irregular Commerce

  • The Irregular Media

  • Irregular Security - Peace and Nonviolence

  • Irregular Advocates - Protecting Public Health and Welfare

  • Local Leftist Links

  • Miscellaneous Left-of-Center Links

  • Miscellaneous Right-Of-Center Links

  • The People's Government

  • The People's Living

  • Environmentalist Links

  • Irreligious Links

  • Blogs of Irregularity

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