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Irregular Blog: almost daily notes from our staff
Below, you'll find links to full-blown essays, exposes and escapades regarding war, peace and the politics of a Bush in our hands. On a near-daily basis, however, we write short-form ruminations on disasters of the moment and the looming long term. Drop on by Irregular Blog to eavesdrop on this continuing staff conversation.

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the real gop: republican politics unmasked
If we stopped paying attention to what the Republican Party says, and instead paid attention to what the Republican Party does, what would we find? Working from observable patterns in the behavior of Republican politicians, we have identified the real planks in the platform of the Republican Party. Unlike plagiarizing Republican Party operatives, we cite our sources so you can inform yourself.

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The Ribald Reign of King George the Second
When a man appointed by a court attacks the Constitution, rides to war without a Congressional declaration, detains citizens without warrant or charge, and witholds information from the public, he cannot be referred to as "President." George Bush is America's new King."

Recent articles:

Magniloquence Against War: Forceful, eloquent, bombastic speech in the name of non-violent consistency
Waging a war against "evil" is as fuzzy-headed as waging a war against negligence or greed. Just as the military victory against the Nazis did not put a stop to genocide and totalitarianism, Bush's crusade will not end rogue attacks against the US. We believe that an intelligent rational, truly compassionate and open-minded response is the response that will work best in the long term.

Recent articles:

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