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Cod Lips America!

Cod Lips America ... which makes about as much sense as God Bless America, when you think about it.

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God is my Flight Attendant
Freethinker America can do better than war bumper sticker John Ashcroft: Power of Prude
United We Bomb and Loot bumper sticker How many more Wars will you Support? Bumpersticker If war is the answer, why do they keep changing the question? Bumper Sticker
If you think war is so great, why aren't you in the Army? If Bush loves war so much, why doesn't he go fight on the front lines? Get your Orange Alert Memorabilia ...while some people still take it seriously!
Smush Bush in 2004 I'll give up my choice when George W. Bush gets pregnant I used to be the Chosen One
I used to be the Messiah God is an Atheist The September 11 hijackers also prayed to God
Oh, Please! We are not United, and Most of Y'All are Sitting Down I don't just hug trees.  I kiss them too. Liberal and Proud of It
Got Fear? The terrorists have won I think therefore i am a traitor Keep your Orange Alerts to yourself
Scare a Republican: Register to Vote (Bumper Sticker) four years living under a bush is long enough Hey George, it ain't a Monarchy
Peace takes Courage God told me to Vote Democratic Born-again Gardener
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