Irregular Times logoBeatles ReMix: It Was Illegal

Margaret Heath sends this in, to the tune of the Beatles' "I Am The Walrus". We're happy to pass it along:

It Was Illegal

Bush is he, as Cheney's "we" but they're not me,
and we're not all together.
See how dodge,
See how they spin,
How loud they cry?

They're lyin',
They're ly-in.

Cheney's got plans for New World Order
Saddam's got some weapons,
He could attack us
Gotta go stop him now!
We dropped some bombs and wreaked major chaos
Can't find the weapons, gonna make a new lie now!
We are invaders,
We are marauders,
It was illegal
goo goo g' jube.

Osama's he, as Saddam's he, they're not the same
So we're not all together.
See he's forgotten
We've lost our honor
Whose the jack@ss now?

They're lyin'
They're ly-in

We'll lie some more to fit the agenda and when it's all over
It won't matter anyhow

It was illegal
But we got the oil
goo goo g'juba

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