Three Political Buttons For Justice Party Members

The Justice Party is the newest political party in the United States of America. It's an alternative to the old Democratic and Republican machines, a new vision for American politics that doesn't center around the big money influence of corporations, lobbyists and wealthy individuals. The Justice Party wants all Americans, not only the powerful, to get involved in the process.

Justice Party - Ask Me Why
I belong to the Justice party - Ask me why

Justice Party USA campaign button
Justice Party activist button
Rocky Anderson Justice Party campaign button
Elect Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson President

The Justice Party stands for:

- Peace
- Liberty
- A return to the integrity of the Constitution
- Human rights
- Environmental responsibility
- Economic equality
- Marriage rights for lesbian and gay Americans
- An end to corporate dominance in American politics

The Justice Party vision matches the freedom-loving, peaceful ambitions of the American people. It does not match the agenda of Wall Street, though. So, the Justice Party isn't going to be able to shoot to the top using corporate cash, as astroturf corporate front organizations like Americans Elect and No Labels have done.

That's where you come in. In order to succeed against corporate power, the Justice Party needs people power. Tell your friends about the Justice Party. Talk about the Justice Party on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and on your personal web site. Social media is a great tool for the kind of political activism that hte Justice Party believes in.

Wearing a political button for the Justice Party, like the three you see here, is another way to get the word out. Everywhere you go, people will see a sign of your membership in the Justice Party. You'll be making a personal, individual endorsement. That's a small message, but it's a powerful one, much more persuasive than a slick, multimillion dollar advertisement on TV could ever be.

Also check out our page of presidential campaign buttons for Rocky Anderson - the first presidential candidate for the Justice Party.

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