The Ribald Reign of King George the Second

Activism for the Lazy

Are you one of the principled lazy?

Come on, you know what I mean. Do you scream in frustration every time you read about King George W. Bush's latest maneuver, then resign yourself to the "fact" that there's nothing to be done about it? When you see a sign for a protest march, do you think "I'd love to go, but I really can't spare the time"? Do you admire those plucky young people who go on hunger strikes for a cause, yet feel you couldn't possibly fast yourself? Would you write a letter to your member of Congress if you didn't have to write (or send) that letter yourself? Do you feel guilty about your lack of political action, but not guilty enough to actually expend some energy?

In short: Would you be more politically active if you weren't such a goldarned lazybones?

Well, my friend, your days of guilty inaction are at an end. Just surf on over to the Progressive Online Action Clearinghouse. Their website provides direct links to a number of sites (at last count, ten) where you can engage in quick, easy political action at no cost to you.

The editors of the POAC have even done the dirty work of scouring the Net for these opportunities. They begin with anti-Bush actions, but also fan out to more broadly progressive causes (feminist, environmentalist, anti-corporate, civil rights, civil liberties, for instance).

We're gratified to see the rise of sites like the POAC. There's always a lot that the highly committed activist (with free time and a large budget) can do, but there are many more of us who are raring to go, if only as low-cost footsoldiers. The Progressive Online Action Clearinghouse looks like a great place to get started.

As the POAC says, "You no longer have an excuse. So get active!"
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