LGBT Friendly Shirts for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality

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Declare your freedom to love as you will and support others in their quest for equality when you wear a gay pride shirt, a lesbian two hearts ringer, a same-sex marriage equality hoodie, or a tee declaring your status as a bold straight ally. Don we now our gay apparel... in an ethical manner, with each of these shirts made available happily sweatshop-free.
Keep Your Elephant Out of My Bedroom T-Shirt
The Republican Party is kind of creepy, always sticking its long, fleshy protruberances around in other... [more]

October 20 Purple Shirt Against Bullies
October 20 is the day to wear purple in a show of strength against anti-gay bullies. Mama don't allow... [more]

The Creed of Liberty T-Shirt
"The Creed of Liberty: Don't like gays? Don't sleep with them. Don't like gay marriage? Don't have... [more]

Rainbow Triangle Badge T-Shirt
"A rainbow triangle placed stylishly on the corner of your shirt shows your gay and lesbian affirmative... [more]

Two Tuxedos Shirt Supporting Gay Marriage
"Affirm your support for gay marriage or celebrate your own same-sex marriage with this shirt (made ethically... [more]

My Father is Not a 2nd Class Citizen T-Shirt
Your father is in a committed relationship with another man, and that does NOT make him a 2nd class citizen!... [more]

My Brother is not a 2nd Class Citizen T-Shirt
Say it with assertiveness: my brother is not a second class citizen because he loves another man. Then... [more]

Man Plus Woman Equals Thingy T-Shirt
Mock the equation offered up by fundamentalist organizers against same-sex marriage. You've seen it,... [more]

These Colors Don't Run Either American Apparel Shirt
"People are fond of saying ""These Colors Don't Run!"" to refer to courage in defense of one set of ideas.... [more]

Love is Love for All Families T-Shirt
"Love is love. No matter what configuration, what pattern, what ordination is involved, when two people... [more]

Whatever Rocks Your Socks (T-Shirt)
"Gay, Straight, Lesbian -- Hey, it's love. Whatever Rocks Your Socks!

This and every shirt... [more]

My Son Is Not A Second Class Citizen T-Shirt
"Equality for all under the law: it's a principle enshrined in the 14th Amendment to the United States... [more]

Press Button, Receive Equality (Vote T-Shirt)
"If you want equal rights under law in this country, you can't just hope for it. You can't just speak... [more]

I Aborted Jesus ... Shirt
"""I Aborted Jesus on my way to the Gay Bar."" Whoops, no Second Coming! Boldly reject moral dictates... [more]

I Am Not a 2nd Class Citizen T-Shirt
"Regardless of what anyone else says, declare that you are not a second-class citizen because you are... [more]

Gay Heart Shirt
"Show your proud identity not just as a gay man, but as a gay man in a committed relationship. Support... [more]

You Can Ban My Marriage Tshirt
"Don't like same sex marriage? Well, maybe some people don't like your marriage. So what?

Tell... [more]

Repeal DOMA Now T-Shirt
"Passed in the 1990s under President Bill Clinton, the Defense of Marriage Act is a law that discriminates... [more]

Pink Triangle Anti-Bush American Apparel Shirt
"George W. Bush's presidency has marked a move away from presumptions of individual autonomy -- that... [more]

Vote NO on 1: Protect Maine Marriage T-Shirt
Protect Marriage in Maine as it now stands, as an institution of equality available to all, gay or straight,... [more]

It Gets Better LGBT Affirmative T-shirt
This purple shirt, designed in conjunction with Spirit Day October 20, sends the signal that you affirm... [more]

No More Bullying In Our Schools Purple T-Shirt
This purple t-shirt sports a badge that reads No More Bullying In Our Schools. It is designed for October... [more]

RESPECT Anti-Bullying Purple T-Shirt
RESPECT, sang Aretha Franklin a generation ago. We still need it in our schools. Too many kids are... [more]

Respect Flag Purple Anti-Bullying T-Shirt
Respect: that's what this t-shirt calls for. It's a simple message for Spirit Day, held every October... [more]

Another Kid for Marriage Equality T-Shirt
You may not be old enough to vote, but you know where your heart lies: with the freedom to love for everyone... [more]

Rainbow Triangle Kids T-Shirt
The perfect shirt for LGBT kids... or kids who know someone who is gay, lesbian, bi or transgendered...... [more]

Map of Michigan Pride Rainbow Shirt
Showing pride of place and pride of identity, this shirt takes the map of the state of Michigan and fills... [more]

Rainbow Georgia
A state map of Georgia appears on this t-shirt, containing within its borders the swirling colors of... [more]

Utah Marriage Equality Tshirt
No one expects there to be marriage equality activists in Utah. That's why it's essential that you stand... [more]

Arizona Supports Marriage Equality
If any group of Americans is denied equal status under the law, then all Americans suffer from the inequality.... [more]

California Repeal Prop 8 T-Shirt
Your feelings about the issue of same-sex marriage are plain and simple. Your feelings about Proposition... [more]

Oregon Supports Marriage Equality Stencil Shirt
The Oregon that lives in your heart is a place that supports equality for everybody: rich and poor, brown... [more]

Paul Broun: American Ayatollah T-Shirt
Paul Broun resists accountability... [more]

Rainbow Maine T-Shirt
The map of the state of Maine is filled in with a rainbow to represent the diversity of the state in... [more]

Teddy Bears for Marriage Equality
Calling all bears... this t-shirt, made sweatshop-free in California by American Apparel, features a... [more]

North Carolina Marriage Equality tshirt
North Carolina residents are defying the prejudice of the past to embrace equality for all marriages,... [more]

Maine Supports Marriage Equality T-Shirt
The state, the constitution and the people of Maine support equality for all. That's why Maine supports... [more]

New York Supports Marriage Equality
New York State is now considering legislation to recognize the status of same-sex marriages. Be on the... [more]

Nevada Supports Marriage Equality T-shirt
Nevada residents support marriage equality because they know that a government that denies the rights... [more]

Oregon Supports Marriage Equality
Oregon isn't the kind of place that accepts inequality and injustice. That's what makes it just plain... [more]

New Mexico Marriage Equality
New Mexico supports marriage equality because it isn't in the character if the USA to discriminate. ... [more]

New Jersey Marriage Equality T-shirt
It is not within the spirit of marriage to support injustice and inequality. That's why New Jersey supports... [more]

California Wants Marriage Equality Tshirt
Stand against the injustice of Proposition 8 as you wear this marriage equality t-shirt, made in the... [more]

Vermont Wants Marriage Equality
Vermont supports marriage equality because equality either exists for everyone or it exists for no one.... [more]

Miami Pride (American Apparel Shirt)
"Miami is well known as a community friendly to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. Take... [more]

Asheville Pride American Apparel Shirt
"Show your lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender pride as a resident of Asheville, one of those places... [more]

Sweatshop-Free Political Activist ShirtsIf you care about the irreverence of a message and the ethics of production, if you love to wear great looking shirts but don't like the weight of a guilty conscience, this is the place for you. Most clothing today is made in sweatshops where workers are abused and paid a pittance -- but there is an alternative. Every shirt we sell here is printed by the small Ohio business Skreened and made in worker-friendly conditions by American Apparel, which has a fully regulated, fully inspected factory. Our shirts will give you the real comfort you've been looking for.

Click on the image of the shirt design you like the most. You'll be taken to our online shop at Skreened with options to customize by clothing type, color and placement before you make your purchase.

To find more politically and socially liberal t-shirts, browse through the categories below:
Each and every shirt we sell is available in the following styles and colors:
Junior Fitted T-Shirt
Junior Fitted T-Shirt
Colors: Baby Blue, Cranberry, Gold, Lemon, Lime, Mint, Pink, and White

Junior Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Junior Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Colors: Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange and Purple

Fitted T-Shirt
Fitted T-Shirt
Colors: Baby Blue, Organic Cotton Cream, Gold, Grass, Heather Gray, Lemon, Pink, Sea Foam, Silver, Slate and White

Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Colors: Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Silver
Hooded Sweatshirt
Hooded Sweatshirt
Colors: White

Fitted Baseball Jersey
Fitted Baseball Jersey
Colors: White with Black Sleeves, White with Green Sleeves

Kids T-Shirt
Kids' T-Shirt
Colors: Pink, Baby Blue, Slate, White

Onesies for Babies
Baby Onesie
Colors: Pink, Baby Blue, White
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Obama Folds, 19 Senators Stand Firm On Discrimination
There was good news for people who have been fighting for the legal recognition of the equality of heterosexuals and homosexuals yesterday: District Court Judge Virginia Phillips ordered the U.S. military... [more]

Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln Help GOP Kill Military Equality
Today, the U.S. Senate voted on whether to advance an amendment to repeal the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy of military discrimination against homosexuals. The vote failed to bring the amendment... [more]

Should Soldiers Be Given Veto Power Against Equality?
A measure to end the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, offered in the form of an amendment to a defense appropriations bill, is supposed to be voted on some time today in the U.S. Senate. Don't Ask... [more]

Gold's Gym Is Great For Bigots
Gold's Gym has something for everyone... who is a Republican right wing anti-environment bigot. Robert Rowling, the owner of the company that runs Gold's Gyms, a popular workout... [more]

Republican Candidates Ally With Man Who Says Gay Suicide is Kids' own Fault and Calls for More Bullying
Tony Perkins of the hard-right Christian Family Research Council came out today on NPR, in a sense. No,... [more]

Obama Settles Justice For Some, Not For Others
The Obama Administration has settled a lawsuit against the Department of Agriculture by a group... [more]

U.S. Military Starts Accepting Gay Recruits. Where's the Disaster?
Over the objections of the Obama administration and at the insistence of federal judge Virginia Phillips, the U.S. military has today begun... [more]

Obama Legal Team Protects Bush, Kicks Gays When They're Down
When we pointed out last week that President Barack Obama was breaking his promises to undo the inequality of Don't Ask Don't Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act by directing... [more]

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