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IOKIYBO t-shirtYou know, just because Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States, that doesn't mean our problems are gone. I mean, look at your bunions. They're still there, right? Larger-scale issues remain: Guantanamo? Open. Habeas corpus? Loopholes all over the place. Warrantless surveillance of the American people? It continues under the Obama administration. Torture? Covered up. Endangered Species Act? The Obama administration resists it.

If the aftermath of this election tells us anything, it tells us that change really doesn't come from the top down. It's got to come from the bottom up. If you want a better world, you've got to stand up and say something about it. And that's the first reason why we're offering these bumper stickers, buttons and t-shirts: to help you get the word out that Obama or No Obama, the status quo won't do. Something's got to change -- really change -- around here, and public advocacy for that change is the first step. So pin on that button. Wear that shirt. Slap on that bumper sticker, and start a conversation in your community.

The second reason we're selling these shirts is to help support us in our work as writers here at Irregular Times. Our main job here is muckraking -- poking with a stick at the oozing slicks our national politicians pretend don't exist and the mainstream media looks over. That's why we're following the intramural conflict among Democrats over the National Applications Office. But in order to be able to do what we do, unlike Rahm Emanuel, we have to eat. Picking up a shirt, a sticker or a button today would be of great help.

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