Sweatshop-Free T-Shirts for the Proud Liberal

Made Sweatshop-Free in the USA for Irregular Times

If you're a liberal and you know it... no, don't clap your hands. Well, OK, go clap your hands, but wear these shirt, too! They are a great way to show off your liberal pride without losing your liberal pride by wearing some third-world exploitative shirt. These shirts are printed ethically by the indie t-shirt shop Skreened, made without sweatshop labor. Now that's something that every lefty can be proud of.
Beaded Necklace Liberal T-Shirt
Where's you get that string of beads? Don't worry, they come from a good place, a place where people... [more]

Take Back the House Kicking Donkey Shirt
Progressive and liberal members of the Democratic Party, don't just be riled up by the fact that the... [more]

Wetlands Not War Shirt
Our human resources on this planet should be devoted to protection and conservation, not destruction... [more]

Anti-Republican Logo T-shirt
This political activist t-shirt re-imagines the logo... [more]

Vote Republican: It's Easier than Thinking! T-Shirt
In a sarcastic vein, a cookie-cutter fifties man offers the following advice: Vote Republican: it's easier... [more]

I've Been Down So Long Down Don't Worry Me Shirt
"There's an old saying that applies well to these hard times of unemployment, foreclosure, inflation,... [more]

No Blue Dogs Tshirt
"Blue Dog Democrats are a bunch of nasty, mangy politicians who vote with the Republicans in Congress... [more]

This Shirt is Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack
Warning! Warning! This shirt is vulnerable to Attack by Terrorists at any time! Quick: panic now...... [more]

I Want You To Stop Paying Attention (Uncle Sam T-Shirt)
Anthropomorphizing our government, Uncle Sam is looking very closely at you through his magnifying glass,... [more]

Santa Claus Peace Christmas T-Shirt
"From up there in the seat on his sleigh, Santa Claus can see what's going on in the world below. He's... [more]

Celebrate Darwin Day 2/12 T-Shirt
"Darwin Day is the day to celebrate the progressive scientific and cultural legacy of Charles Darwin,... [more]

Uncle Sam I Watch You T-Shirt
The NSA listens to husbands and wives over the phone. The FBI wiretaps journalists without warrants.... [more]

Rainbow Triangle Badge T-Shirt
"A rainbow triangle placed stylishly on the corner of your shirt shows your gay and lesbian affirmative... [more]

Talk to the Okapi T-Shirt
"Catch the dull-witted flat-footed with this zoological comeback for the taxonomically informed. Whenever... [more]

Free Speech is a Civil Right T-Shirt
"Lately, free speech has been treated as if it were some kind of privilege, revocable by the government... [more]

To Forget How to Dig the Earth Gandhi Shirt
"""To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves."" -- Mohandas K. Gandhi.

For... [more]

Rising Sun Go Solar American Apparel Shirt
"As the sun rises and sets, so we are all fated to go. While the sun waxes in power, so should we. ... [more]

Xeriscapers Against Oppressive Hegemony T-Shirt
A rock-strewn shirt serves as the graphic focus for this t-shirt, with text reading "Xeriscapers Against... [more]

Bicyclists for Peace Shirt
"Bicycles are almost impossible to use as weapons. Bikes are instruments of peace and progress, reducing... [more]

Go Organic Shirt
"This shirt displays the word for ""Organic"" in languages from around the world, showing your commitment... [more]

You Must Be the Driver You Want to See In the World Shirt
Mohandas Gandhi says "You Must Be The Change You Want to See in the World." Well, if that's so then... [more]

Two Tuxedos Shirt Supporting Gay Marriage
"Affirm your support for gay marriage or celebrate your own same-sex marriage with this shirt (made ethically... [more]

Old School T-Shirt
"Make the phrase literal with this brick schoolhouse in the old painted-photo style.

Adapted... [more]

Impeach.  (American Apparel Shirt)

Yep, that's it. Sometimes, there's really nothing more you need to say.

This and... [more]

Got Prius Envy?  Gas Price Spoof T-Shirt
"This shirt is for the Hummer drivers you encounter on your walks about town. Show 'em the price of... [more]

Stop Sarah Palin Shirt
As an outrageous campaigner for Vice President, as an abusive Governor of Alaska, or as a crazed Fox... [more]

Drawing Mohammed is Not a Crime (Shirt)
"Over at CafePress, they won't let people publish any message with an image of Mohammed. CafePress features... [more]

DARE to tell the kids ... American Apparel Shirt
"DARE to tell the kids you smoked a doobie once, too. And DARE to mock the Drug War while you're at... [more]

Not a Liberal Pinko: I Much Prefer Teal T-Shirt
"I am NOT a Liberal Pinko! No, no, no! I much prefer Teal. Tweak 'em with this sassy t-shirt from... [more]

Peace Orangutan
"Make a primal kind of show of support for peace with this tshirt that features the peace orangutan,... [more]

Irregular Catalogue: Brick
"Now on Sale: Brick. Open a world of exploration to your own little Isaac Newton with this timeless... [more]

Free Tibet (With...) American Apparel Shirt
"Free Tibet -- with additional purchase of autonomous region of equal or lesser value. Some restrictions... [more]

Peas are Patriotic Shirt
"A gently humorous on the Peace Is Patriotic refrain: Peas are Patriotic! Have fun with it.

This... [more]

Department of Homeland Insecurity Logo T-Shirt
"Mark well. This is not the logo of the Department of Homeland Security. This is a satire of that logo,... [more]

Texas Democrat Shirt
"This shirt proudly proclaims that you are a Texas Democrat using the Texas State Flag as a motif.

For... [more]

Imagine No TV Shirt
"Television is the new opiate of the masses. It takes people who could create their own entertainment,... [more]

Yeehaw is Not a Foreign Policy T-Shirt
"When will Cowboy Bush and Cowboy Obama learn that skipping around the room with a hobby horse and yelling... [more]

These Colors Don't Run Either American Apparel Shirt
"People are fond of saying ""These Colors Don't Run!"" to refer to courage in defense of one set of ideas.... [more]

What a Friend We Have in Cheeses (American Apparel Shirt)
"Oh, what a friend we have in Cheeses... Isn't that how the hymn goes? What, cheddar?

This and... [more]

My Son Is Not A Second Class Citizen T-Shirt
"Equality for all under the law: it's a principle enshrined in the 14th Amendment to the United States... [more]

Have You Seen the Flying Triangles? T-Shirt
"They've been seen all across the western United States, but they don't officially exist. Something is... [more]

Bong Hits 4 Jesus, Not 4 Kids!
"That's what we have to say, kids, if we're going to be able to wear a t-shirt to school. That's right,... [more]

9/11 was a faith-based initiative (t-shirt)
"Faith-based initiatives do not have an inherent goodness to them simply because they are faith-based.... [more]

And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt
"I Voted Twice, and All I Got Was This Lousy President! (Anti-Bush Shirt)

This and every shirt... [more]

New York Progressive Tee Shirt
People across New York State wear this shirt with pride. They support causes like peace, the environment,... [more]

Statue of Liberty Liberal! Shirt
"The Statue of Liberty has stood for American exceptionalism and idealism for well over a century. The... [more]

Press Button, Receive Equality (Vote T-Shirt)
"If you want equal rights under law in this country, you can't just hope for it. You can't just speak... [more]

I Can't Afford to Vote Republican
"I vote Democrat because I can't afford to vote Republican!

This and every shirt... [more]

Agnostic for Sure T-Shirt
"Just because you're an agnostic doesn't mean that you're incapable of making your mind up. It just... [more]

Progressive Moose Shirt
The Democratic Party refuses to represent progressive... [more]

When Fascism Comes (Sinclair Lewis T-Shirt)
"""When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."" -- Sinclair... [more]

Do You Sudoku?  (American Apparel Shirt)
"Do you Sudoku? I do. Woo-hoo! This and every shirt... [more]

Peace Cow.  Moo.  (American Apparel Shirt)
"Peace. Moo. Doesn't the cow tell you all you need to know?

This and every shirt... [more]

Irregular Catalogue: Stick
"Stick: This mysterious little gadget holds a secret to be uncovered by enterprising young investigators.... [more]

Ron Paul is an Ultramaroon
With outlandish conspiracy theories about secret societies plotting to take over the United States from... [more]

Red Slash Through Gingrich (Anti-Gingrich Shirt)
"Newt Gingrich? Yegads! The man's politics are as awful in practice as the man's name sounds when spoken.... [more]

Mothers Against War (Sweatshop-Free Shirt)
"A pregnant belly besides the words ""Mothers Against War.""

For every one of these shirts... [more]

Pizza Is Patriotic Shirt
"Have you had enough of the tendency for everyone on the left and the right to try to appropriate patriotism... [more]

American Liberal Flag Shirt
"You're a bona fide, honest-to-goodness American Liberal. So show off your American Liberal identity... [more]

Contrarian Shirt
"When you see a crowd of people headed one way, do you turn and walk another? Are you suspicious of... [more]

My Baloney's First Name is Mike (American Apparel Shirt)
"My Baloney's first name is Mike. I know, not too exotic. But what would you expect, really? This... [more]

I Am Not a 2nd Class Citizen T-Shirt
"Regardless of what anyone else says, declare that you are not a second-class citizen because you are... [more]

But they Told Me you Wouldn't Fight Back! (Democratic Party American Apparel Shirt)
"The Elephant lies on the floor, stars around its head, while it says to the Donkey, ""But they told... [more]

Sledgehammer to the Cogs T-Shirt
"All right, so we don't have to be painfully literal here, do we? What is a structure of cog wheels... [more]

Happy Isaac Newton's Birthday t-shirt
"Looking to celebrate something other than the birth of some angry guy with a Messiah complex? Try celebrating... [more]

Vote Progressive T-Shirt
"Tired of the right wing politics of the Republicans and Democrats? Vote your values! Vote Progressive!

Now... [more]

I've Got a September 17, 1787 Mentality Constitution T-Shirt
"Had enough of people telling you you've got a September 10, 2011 mentality because you support the United... [more]

Recovering Christian (Beaver at the Cross) Shirt
"The beaver munching at the Cross tells the viewer just what sort of recovering Christian you are. Share... [more]

Peace Pumpkin T-Shirt
"Wear this shirt on Halloween to gently get out the message that, all pretending aside, it's time for... [more]

Flag Flag Flag Flag Flag!!! American Apparel Shirt
"Disagree with me? Well, Flag Flag Flag Flag Flag!!!!!

Hey, it's worked before, hasn't it?

This... [more]

Book Lovers Against Palin Shirt
"Sarah Palin seems to be afraid of books and learning. She thinks that reading will destroy the morality... [more]

Pink Peace Sign Shirt

This pink peace sign is available on a kid's shirt, on a one-piece, or on a man's or woman's of many... [more]

Black and Silver Peace Sign T-Shirt
"This black and silver peace sign shirt, like every shirt... [more]

Tree Hugger and Tree Kisser
"Proclaim your identity as an environmental activist in a provocative way, by taking the right wing's... [more]

Peace and Justice Dove T-Shirt
"The dove of peace flies across this t-shirt (made sweatshop-free by American Apparel) with the words... [more]

We Can't Play Possum Shirt
"The forces of intolerance and ignorance are on the attack. They are pushing against reason, education,... [more]

Texas United Against War (American Apparel Shirt)
"If enough of us say it out loud and convince our neighbors, we can make it so: Texas United Against... [more]

American Liberal Bald Eagle Patriotic T-shirt
This patriotic shirt, unlike too many others, is actually made in the USA - no foreign outsourced sweatshops... [more]

Covalent Bondage Shirt
"The Chlorine Atom holds a whip and sneers, ""Your electron... give it to me, now!"" Hydrogen responds,... [more]

Tennessee Liberal!
"Say it with pride as this blue and red design drawn out from the state flag of Tennessee makes clear... [more]

Christians Against Huckabee
"Mike Huckabee is an embarrassment to Christians with the way that he hijacks Christianity in order to... [more]

The Limit of Antimaterialism T-Shirt
"Sting sings out his gnosticism: ""We are spirits in the material world..."". Hesse tells us that ""there... [more]

Go Ahead, Tell the Kids You Used Drugs T-Shirt
"Its not like a goat can narc on you or anything. Design by Irregular... [more]

War Destroys Humans Beings T-Shirt
"Are they badges of honor? Dropped payloads? Gravestones? You decide. The truth behind them: War Destroys... [more]

Peace Possum Shirt
"Here's our peace possum, a little fella we found perched in a tree after a storm. He's all right, you... [more]

Black Peace Sign in Four Color Tiles
"This warholian t-shirt features four black peace signs surrounded by various combinations of bright... [more]

Peace Hamster T-Shirt
"This little hamster may not be able to stand out in a crowd of big and burly humans, but he's doing... [more]

Proud to Drive My Prius
"For the Earth (and, OK, for that zippy sense of style) I am proud to drive my Prius!

This and... [more]

War Stops a Beating Heart (Anti-War Shirt)
"You know, a pro-life position needs to recognize that War Stops a Beating Heart, too.

This anti-war... [more]

Procrastinators for John Kerry in 2012 or whenever Shirt
"Procrastinators for John Kerry for President of the United States in 2008! Or did that election already... [more]

More Than One Way (American Apparel Shirt)
"There is more than one way in the world. It's a shame, but some people need to be reminded.

This... [more]

Onomatopoeia Moo Cow T-Shirt
"""Onomatopoeia,"" says the cow. Doesn't it sound just like that? Made in the USA t-shirt from American... [more]

Rosie: Feminist!  (American Apparel Shirt)
"Rosie the Riveter is with us today, and her updated, one-word summation of her previous position is... [more]

Progressive Fist T-Shirt
"Sometimes, you've just got to resist the forces of injustice that come bearing down upon you. Help... [more]

Green Party Member Tshirt
"Don't just register with the Green Party and keep it quiet. Show your pride in your departure from... [more]

Green Party Voter tshirt
"Let your neighbors run with the herd. Show that you stand alone, as an independent political thinker.... [more]

Purple Peace Sign Sweat-Free Clothing

This purple peace sign is available on a kid's shirt, on a baby one-piece, or on a man's or woman's... [more]

You Can Ban My Marriage Tshirt
"Don't like same sex marriage? Well, maybe some people don't like your marriage. So what?

Tell... [more]

Super Radish
"Holy Vegetables! It's Super Radish, come to save the day with Vital Nutrients and AntiOxidant Power!

For... [more]

Repeal DOMA Now T-Shirt
"Passed in the 1990s under President Bill Clinton, the Defense of Marriage Act is a law that discriminates... [more]

Blue Dog = Bad Democrat (Made in the USA Tshirt)
"Make the message against members of Congress in the right wing Blue Dog Coalition as clear as you can:... [more]

Iraq, UN, US: United We Stand
"United We Stand, Iraq, UN, US. Peace, Not War. Cooperation, not Occupation. There is a way other... [more]

Yeah, Like Jesus Would ... T-Shirt
"Yeah, like Jesus would own a Gun and vote Republican! Cha, right! Good joke.

For every... [more]

Four More Horsemen Of The Apocalpyse McCain '08
What would America get with President John McCain?

Four more years of right wing Republican rule... [more]

Colorful Slash Through W Anti-Bush Shirt
"The classic icon of opposition to George W. Bush, the red slash through W, is surrounded by a variety... [more]

Red Slash Through McCain -- Anti-McCain T-Shirt
"The red slash stands for a big, fat ""No."" Put it over the name McCain and you have an unmistakable... [more]

Vote Blue 2008 American Apparel T-Shirt
"This design of graded lines stylishly frames your core message: Vote Blue 2008!

This and every... [more]

This is What Dumbocracy Looks Like T-Shirt
"George W. Bush, Mr. Golfer Dude Man: yeah, this is what Dumbocracy looks like.

This and every... [more]

No King George (American Apparel Shirt)
"This slash through a W with a crown on its ""head"" sends the message that you aren't in the mood for... [more]

Giuliani is Wrong for America T-Shirt
Rudolph Giuliani is wrong for America. Giuliani supported the worst aspects of the presidency of George... [more]

Red Slash Through McCain (Anti-McCain Shirt)
"Do you find yourself in opposition to the political agenda of the Republican Presidential candidate... [more]

The Decider (Bush Marionette T-Shirt)
"I'm the decider, says the marionette. Who's supplying the voice?

For every one of these... [more]

Alphabet With No W (Anti-Bush Shirt)
"A, B, C, D, E, F, G ... but wait! What's that? No W? Oh, good.

This anti-Bush t-shirt, like... [more]

McCain Hearts Bush (Bush-McCain Love Shirt)
"John McCain Loves George W. Bush. You can tell by the hugs they share, yes, but you can also tell by... [more]

Bush: Big Fat Meanie (American Apparel Shirt)
"George W. Bush: why, he's nothing but a, a, a, BIG FAT MEANIE!!!!

Sigh. I can't tell you how... [more]

2000 to 2008 -- The Rise of An Outraged Voter
"2000: Stymied 2001: Astonished 2002: Flummoxed 2003: Appalled 2004: Frustrated 2005: Incredulous 2006:... [more]

Dwarf Planet, Dwarf President
"If Pluto is a Dwarf Planet, then that makes George W. Bush a Dwarf President, doesn't it?

For... [more]

No Way, No How, No McCain T-Shirt
"Arizonans, make it clear right from the start that there's just no way you are going to be voting for... [more]

AIG Bailout, And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt!
"Hey! My taxes sent bigwig executives from AIG to a fancy-schmancy resort, and all I got was this... [more]

My, Reverend, What a Large ... Shirt!
"""My, Reverend, what a large trust fund you have!"" Show your open disdain for the salacious connection... [more]

GOP Elephant: Always On the Run From the Truth
"Our portly Republican elephant is dressed to the nines in a tuxedo, cane and top hat but running in... [more]

Inauguration Day 2009: The End Of An Error
"The presidency of George... [more]

Democrats Kick GOP Ass
"Be a kick ass Democrat with this activist t-shirt, showing a Democratic... [more]

Classic Slash through W Anti-Bush Shirt
"It's the symbol come to be recognized the world over for opposition to the agenda of George W. Bush:... [more]

Tennessee Democrat!  (American Apparel Shirt)
"Show it with pride, using this Tennessee State Flag design: You're a Tennessee Democrat!

This... [more]

Obama Mama Baby One-Piece
Let your baby speak out in favor of Barack... [more]

My Future is At Stake Obama Baby One-Piece
Let your baby be a reminder of what's at stake in the 2008... [more]

Trick or Treaters for Obama Baby One-Piece
When you take your little one out trick or treating for the first time, let this Halloween baby one-piece... [more]

Obama '08 Squares Baby One-Piece
Help protect the future your wee ones will live in by dressing them in this baby one-piece supporting... [more]

Barack Obama 2008 Black and White Oval Baby One-Piece
Everyone looks at your sweet li'l baby all the time. It's understandable, since your kid is the cutest... [more]

Ba Ra C K: Periodic Table Obama Shirt
The periodic table symbols for Barium, Radium, Carbon and Potassium are used to spell the first name... [more]

Artists for Barack Obama Color Circles T-Shirt
"Artists support President Barack Obama as he runs for re-election in 2012. Show your pro-Obama bona... [more]

Barack Obama Tree T-Shirt
"A t-shirt featuring a remixed version of the Barack Obama icon, with red stripes replaced by a grassy... [more]

Obama: Political Element 44 (T-Shirt)
"The periodic table of the elements inspires this t-shirt. The O stands for one of the most reactive... [more]

Jesus was a community organizer. Pilate was a governor.
"Sarah Palin says Barack Obama can't be President because he once worked as a community organizer to... [more]

Greens for Obama
"Members of the Green Party of the United States are convinced to vote for the Democrat in 2012, as Barack... [more]

Patriotic Peace Hand Barack Obama Shirt
"The symbol of the peace sign flashed by a hand in patriotic colors expresses love of country and disdain... [more]

Barack Obama: Change Portrait T-Shirt, Made in the USA
"This blue and black portrait of Barack Obama features one word beneath Obama's face: CHANGE. For a change,... [more]

Black, Red, White and Blue Obama T-Shirt
"The silhouette of Barack Obama rests over a background of red and blue. Straddling traditional boundaries... [more]

Barack Obama Profile in Shades of Brown Campaign T-Shirt
"Show your support for Barack Obama by wearing this shirt, part of our series... [more]

My Middle Name is Hussein Too T-Shirt
"There are a lot of intolerant people out there throwing out the middle name of Barack Obama, Hussein,... [more]

Peace, Earth, Love, Obama (Four Tiles Pro-Obama T-Shirt)
"Four icons of 21st Century progressivism: Peace, Earth, Love and Obama. Support Barack Obama as he... [more]

Gnomes for Obama Sweatshop-Free Campaign T-Shirt
"This gnome stands in a grassy field on a starry night to declare ""Gnomes for Barack Obama!"" That's... [more]

O'Bama!  Irish Shamrock Shirt for Barack Obama
"Show your Gaelic support for President Barack Obama in 2012 with this lighthearted O'Bama! Green Shamrock... [more]

Barack Obama Profile in Black, White and Shades of Grey (Shirt)
"This stylized profile portrait of Barack Obama is all you need to show your support for the Obama campaign... [more]

End the War. Vote Obama. T-shirt Made in the USA
"End the war in... [more]

Hope, Insight, Vision, Obama (Election 2012 T-Shirt)
"Hope, Insight, Vision. These are the qualities of Barack Obama, who is running this year for President... [more]

Barack Obama on the Constitution Quotation Shirt
"""I will close Guantanamo. I will restore habeas corpus. And we will end torture and rendition because... [more]

Marching Hamster for Barack Obama (Animals for Obama T-Shirt)
"Someone told me the other day he'd seen everything there was to see in Barack Obama gear. That sounded... [more]

Barack Obama Sepia Tone Portrait: Vote Shirt
"A sepia-toned portrait of Barack Obama is accompanied by one word, one crucial word: VOTE. All the... [more]

Peace, Love, Liberty, Obama (Colorful Pro-Obama Shirt)
"Peace. Love. Liberty. These are the principles guiding the presidential campaign of Barack Obama in... [more]

Pro-Obama Pumpkin T-Shirt
"This pumpkin with the wide gap of a smile represents the sentiment of all Jack-O-Lanterns this Halloween... [more]

Obama: 44 (Collegiate Sweat-Free T-Shirt)
"We used to say ""Obama 08"" as a way of promoting Barack Obama for President in 2008. But that test... [more]

Barack Obama Bowling in Silhouette T-Shirt
"In the lower right hand corner of this sweatshop-free American Apparel shirt is a silhouetted form of... [more]

Barack Obama Profile in Blue Campaign T-Shirt
"Barack Obama for President! This simple portrait of Barack Obama in bold and patriotic Democratic blue... [more]

Barack Obama: The Faces of a President (USA-Made Shirt)
"The face of Barack Obama is displayed against four backgrounds in panels making the point that no matter... [more]

Barack Obama Tee Shirt With Linked Letter Os
"This pro-Obama shirt features the name Obama in simple blue text. But Barack Obama is more colorful... [more]

Barack Obama Shirt With Overlapping Letter Os of Different Colors
"The letter O appears again and again in the colors of pink, yellow, blue, green and brown, overlapping... [more]

Patriotic Pro-Obama T-Shirt, Made in the USA
"This t-shirt design features a portrait of Barack Obama, shaded in patriotic blue, with a background... [more]

Barack Obama Profile in Green Campaign Shirt
"Show your support for Barack Obama as he runs for a second presidential term in 2012 when you wear this... [more]

Obama the President
"President Obama. Focus on that image in your mind, then work to make his presidency a success.

Take... [more]

Progressive Democrats for Obama
"Progressive Democrats support Barack Obama for President because Barack Obama supports progressive values... [more]

Barack Obama in Four Tiles of Colors
"Yowza! Why be timid about your support for Barack Obama? Be as bold as these colors are! Get Warholian... [more]

Barack Obama Profile in Red Campaign T-Shirt
"Show your support for Barack Obama as he runs for President of the United States in 2012 when you wear... [more]

Bowlers for Obama campaign shirt
"Barack Obama is an infamously bad bowler, if you... [more]

Marine Biologists for Obama
"This Marine Biologists for Obama tshirt features Obama in front of a chorus of fish. If only... [more]

A More Perfect Union with Barack Obama 2012
"The founding fathers of the United States of America made it their goal to create a more perfect union.... [more]

Leave Fears Behind With Obama
"The ultimate message of the Barack Obama re-election campaign is this: we must leave our fears behind.

America's... [more]

But Barack Obama Obeys the Law!
"Mock the racists who campaign against Barack Obama... [more]

Environmentalists for Obama
"Environmentalists support Barack Obama for President because Obama is the strongest candidate on environmental... [more]

Anthropologists for Obama
"Anthropologists respect leaders who understand the value of different cultures from firsthand experience.... [more]

Face of Barack Obama in Kaleidoscope T-Shirt
"Out of a kaleidoscope of curls, swirls and interweaving forms emerges the face of Barack Obama in mirror... [more]

Trick or Treaters for Obama T-Shirt
"On Halloween night, when you go trick or treating, either yourself or with your kids, wear this trick-or-treaters... [more]

Radiating Swirls Barack Obama T-Shirt
"This t-shirt features a stylized portrait of Barack Obama and a patter of radiating, curlicued swirls... [more]

Plumbers for Obama
"When John McCain talks about ""Joe the Plumber"" for the 13th time, don't let him put words in your... [more]

Barack Obama: African Color for the American President
"Barack Obama's father was born in Kenya. His mother brought him to Indonesia. With a personal stake... [more]

Barack Obama in Four Colors: Yes We Did T-Shirt
"Barack Obama is painted with pride in the four colors of red, green, gold and black. His father is... [more]

Barack Obama Laptop Script T-Shirt ($year++)
"A do-while script resembling PHP cycles through the years 2009-2016. The value of the variable President... [more]

Ban Jet Skis
"Jet skis are loud, obnoxious, dangerous, polluting, and guzzle gasoline with mileage at or below 5 miles... [more]

To Forget How to Dig is to Forget Ourselves Gandhi Shirt
"In the early 20th Century Mohandas Gandhi reminded us that ""to forget how to dig the earth and tend... [more]

World Oceans Day Tshirt
"World Oceans Day is celebrated every June 8 as a reminder to people to respect, and help conserve, the... [more]

Moko Rocks
"Off the Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand, Moko the dolphin plays with swimmers, helps boats and has a good... [more]

Environmentalism Defined (American Apparel T-Shirt)
"Environmentalism. Noun. The notion that we ought to clean up after ourselves.

Crazy idea, huh?

For... [more]

Compost Happens T-shirt
"Life got you down? Don't worry. It'll be better the second time around. That's the lesson of compost.

Organic... [more]

Save the Sawfish
"Sawfish are one of the most distinctive, charismatic fish in the ocean. Once, giant sawfish 30 feet... [more]

Fight Global Warming Elect Obama
"No candidate is perfect, but among the candidates available, Barack... [more]

Offshore Drilling Is Not Change We Can Believe In
"Politicians have begun calling for expanded offshore... [more]

Polar Bears Against Palin Shirt
"Sarah Palin opposes endangered species protection for polar bears because she denies that global warming... [more]

Visit Alaska Before Sarah Palin Poisons More Whales
Sarah Palin argued that the beluga whales of Cook Inlet need no environmental protection. It was Palin... [more]

Recycle T-Shirt
"This shirt, available in organic cotton, encourages those you meet to reduce the impact of their activities... [more]

Think Green Organic Cotton T-Shirt
"Show that you've got the environment on your mind with this this tree, artfully sinking its roots into... [more]

Celebrate Earth Day April 22 Every Year
"Earth Day is a simple holiday when people work to remember that if they saturate their planet with poison,... [more]

Question Authority Kids T-Shirt of Defiant Independence
Hey, kids, here's something to tell your liberal mom and dad with their "Question Authority" bumper sticker... [more]

Peace and Justice Dove Baby One-Piece
For thousands of years, the dove has been a symbol of peace and hope for the future. Snuggle your baby,... [more]

Cool Blue Obama
The Obama Generation will appreciate the serious strength of Barack... [more]

But Barack Obama Knows the Alphabet!
America's kids roll their eyes as they watch adults hyperventilate about the so-called "issue" of race... [more]

Peace and Justice Dove Kids' T-Shirt
"For the peaceful, idealistic child in your life, this sweatshop-free t-shirt features a dove in flight,... [more]

Texas Votes Green Party tshirt
The Republican Party of Texas has led the state to national shame, and the Texas Democrats have been... [more]

Green Party of Massachusetts Shirt
Massachusetts is the historical home of liberal idealism in the United States. That makes the Green Party... [more]

New York Green Party Tshirt
The promise of America is at its core a liberal promise, of freedom, equality and justice. The time... [more]

Hawaii Green Party Tshirt
The Hawaiian islands have always been a place of renewal for Americans - not just as a vacation spot,... [more]

Georgia Liberal
A lot of people assume that if you live in Georgia,... [more]

Louisiana for Obama
Louisiana voters support Barack Obama... [more]

Oregon for Obama
Barack Obama... [more]

Wisconsin Progressive Moose Shirt
Look forward beyond a day when the USA is trapped between the righward-leaning Democratic Party and... [more]

Minnesota for Peace Shirt
People in Minnesota know better than... [more]

Vermont Progressive Moose Shirt
Republicans have their elephants. Democrats have their donkeys. Progressives... [more]

Green Party of Maryland Tshirt
Support the Green Party of Maryland every time you wear this tshirt, which features the sunflower logo... [more]

California Liberal T-Shirt
With this modified graphic of the California state flag, show your unabashed pride to be one of "them,"... [more]

Oklahoma YES, Tom Coburn NO T-Shirt
To support a more progressive, more independent, more open future for Oklahoma, we need a new United... [more]

Maine Green Party Activist Tshirt
Wear this activist tshirt with pride, because as you support the Green Party of Maine, you'll also be... [more]

Green Party of Alaska Tshirt
This shirt supporting the Alaska Green Party is all-American, manufactured and printed in the USA without... [more]

Alabama Against Parker Griffith T-Shirt
The state of Alabama rejects the political games of turncoat Representative Parker Griffith. In December... [more]

Louisiana Green Party Tshirt
Let's face it: In Louisiana, the Republicans... [more]

Rhode Island Green Party made in the USA tshirt
The Democratic Party has been a thorough disappointment to the liberal community of Rhode Island, and... [more]

Oregon Green Party Tshirt
Oregon is one of the greenest states in the USA. That's why the Green Party is a perfect match for Oregon's... [more]

North Dakota Green Party tshirt
North Dakota can be a lonely place for true liberal minds. The last thing we need to do is to settle... [more]

Arkansas Green Party tshirt
Arkansas Democrats keep on making promises, and keep on breaking them. It's time for hope that's truly... [more]

New Mexico Democrat Shirt
The state of New Mexico is political division,... [more]

Mike Capuano for Senate T-Shirt
"Massachusetts Democratic Senate Candidate Martha Coakley declared her support for the Patriot Act in... [more]

Re-Elect Hank Johnson Congressional T-Shirt
Re-Elect Hank Johnson to the U.S. Congress in Georgia District 4. Rep. Johnson has a solid record of... [more]

Nebraska Green Party tshirt
Nebraska has been ill served by Republican politicians, and by Democratic politicians who might as well... [more]

Wyoming Green Party tshirt
Wyoming is a place of wide open spaces, not of corporate-owned politicians. Say no to the corrupt and... [more]

Wisconsin Green Party Tshirt
Wisconsin is a state that loves its freedom and respects its natural resources. That makes it a perfect... [more]

South Dakota Green Party shirt
South Dakota needs the Green Party as a challenge to the insider political dynasties of the South Dakota... [more]

South Carolina Green Party tshirt
South Carolina needs the Green Party if it wishes to escape the repressive, regressive history created... [more]

West Virginia Green Party tshirt
The Mountain State needs a political party that will help keep West Virginia's mountains green, instead... [more]

Green Party of Vermont Tshirt
As difficult as it is to challenge the status quo, Vermont needs the Green Party, because the Green Party... [more]

Utah Needs the Green Party tshirt
If ever there was a state that needed the Green Party, it Utah, which has suffered under the weight of... [more]

Ohio Votes Green Party
Ohio has had enough of serving as a pinata for the Republican and Democratic parties. Both of those... [more]

New Mexico Green Party shirt
New Mexico understands the potential for solar and wind power, and the destructive force of 20th century... [more]

New Jersey Green Party tshirt
New Jersey voters know all too well what comes from supporting a political party that's aligned with... [more]

Green Party of Nevada Tshirt
The Green Party of Nevada represents a future untainted by the dirty politics of the Republican and Democratic... [more]

Mississippi Green Party tshirt
The Mississippi Democratic Party has a legacy of hateful politics, and the Mississippi Republicans have... [more]

Kansas Green Party t-shirt
Kansas is the historical home of America's... [more]

Iowa Green Party Tshirt
Iowans follow political issues more closely than any other Americans, and that's why Iowans are growing... [more]

Green Party of Illinois Tshirt
Illinois may be the home of Republican Abraham Lincoln. It may be the adopted home of Democrat Barack... [more]

Idaho Green Party Tshirt
This activist tshirt shows how a global vision is at the core of the Green Party vision. Support a new... [more]

Georgia Green Party
Georgia has suffered too long under the withering climate created by corporate-controlled government.... [more]

Florida Green Party tshirt
Progressive Florida voters are growing disenchanted with the empty promises of the Democrats and can't... [more]

Green Party of Delaware Tshirt
The bright future of the alternative vision of the Green Party in Delaware is shown on this tshirt, which... [more]

Arizona Green Party Tshirt
As a state that has experienced a rather arid political history, Arizona knows the value of green. Wear... [more]

Oklahoma Green Party Sunflower Shirt
This activist tshirt represents support for the Green Party of Oklahoma with a sunflower native to the... [more]

Michigan Green Party tshirt
This tshirt both supports the Green Party of Michigan and helps create American jobs. It's manufactured... [more]

Kentucky Green Party Tshirt
It's more than just Bowling Green that's gone Green. It's the whole of Kentucky.... [more]

Green Party of Tennessee tshirt
This tshirt supports the values of the Green Party of Tennessee in two ways. First, it carries the literal... [more]

Indiana Green Party sunflower tshirt
Support the Green Party of Indiana with this tshirt, featuring the symbol of the Green Party, the sunflower,... [more]

Connecticut Green Party Tshirt
Made in the USA with no sweatshop labor, these shirt embody the values of the Green Party of Connecticut,... [more]

Progressives Against Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi is the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, but she has embraced many of... [more]

North Carolina Green Party tshirt
Help forge a new direction for politics in North Carolina. No more of the old answers that don't work... [more]

Leafy Alabama Green Party T-Shirt
Show your support for the growing green things of the Earth, the leafy forests that are our planet's... [more]

New Hampshire Green Party Tshirt
Help promote the Green Party of New Hampshire, the choice in alignment with the true liberal foundations... [more]

Minnesota Green Party Tshirt
The Democrats promised a politics of hope, and then didn't even take one month before breaking the promise.... [more]

Michigan Supports Barack Obama
Michigan supports Barack Obama because Michigan... [more]

Another Massachusetts Voter for Obama
Voters in Massachusetts understand that the radical agenda offered by the Republican Party can lead to... [more]

Connecticut Progressive Activist Shirt
Connecticut's neighbor to the north, Vermont, is beginning a rebirth of the old Progressive Party as... [more]

Connecticut Democrat Activist Tshirt
You're a Connecticut Democrat because Democrats stand for the values of democracy. Take a fighting stance,... [more]

Alabama Democrat Blue Mule Tshirt
Identify yourself as one of the fighting Alabama... [more]

Alaska United Against McCain
Alaska stands united against John McCain because Senator... [more]

Alaska Progressive Moose Shirt
The symbol of Alaska and the symbol of... [more]

Minnesota United Against McCain
John McCain stands against the core progressive values of Minnesota:... [more]

California Progressive Shirt
Politics in California must escape the simple distinction between Democrat... [more]

New Mexico Against McCain shirt
New Mexico is too close to Arizona to fall for the cock-and-bull stories of John... [more]

New York Against McCain
New York voters understand the value of progressive ideals like peace, justice, liberty and equality.... [more]

New Jersey Against War
The state of New Jersey is a lot more... [more]

Nancy Pelosi Sold Out
Nancy Pelosi gained power as Speaker... [more]

Re-elect Paul Hodes Shirt
Paul Hodes is one of two progressive... [more]

California Against McCain T-Shirt
Californians unite against the campaign of John McCain for President in 2008 because everyone in California... [more]

Obama Welch 2008
This t-shirt for Vermont voters supports... [more]

California Democrat
Show the way to take names and kick ass in California... [more]

Maryland Democrat Kicking Donkey
Democrats in Maryland are not the sort... [more]

Democrats Against Mikulski
Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski has always played around with the dirty side of machine politics, and... [more]

Hawaii Democrat Kicking Donkey
Hawaii can be a mellow place to live, but... [more]

Wyoming Democrat Kicking Mule
Show your stubborn progressive roots with this kicking Democratic Party mule, solid blue, even in the... [more]

Wisconsin Democrat Kicking Donkey
Show your fighting spirit in the party animal form of the Democratic kicking blue donkey. You're a more]

Democrats Against Mary Landrieu
Senator Mary Landrieu is one of those politicians who is a Democrat in name only. She voted for the Iraq... [more]

Florida Against McCain 2008
John McCain turns off voters in Florida... [more]

Vermont for Obama
Vermont voters support Barack Obama for... [more]

Tennessee Against McCain
Tennessee sounds good to me, but John McCain doesn't sound good at all. Tennessee... [more]

Colorado Against McCain
Voters in Colorado are not in the habit... [more]

Arizona Against John McCain
Arizona voters oppose John McCain for... [more]

Oregon Liberal Made in the USA Shirt
In the great green state of Oregon, living... [more]

Pennsylvania for Obama Shirt
Barack Obama is the choice of Pennsylvania... [more]

Alaska Obama 2008 Campaign Shirt
This shirt design carries the message of Barack Obama for President in a simple form: Alaska - Obama... [more]

Tennessee for Barack Obama
Tennessee voters support Barack Obama... [more]

Indiana for Barack Obama
Indiana Democrats support Barack Obama... [more]

Florida for Obama
Florida is for Obama in 2008 because Florida... [more]

Rhode Island for Barack Obama
Rhode Island voters support Barack Obama for President in 2008 because Rhode Island knows its progressives.... [more]

Arkansas for Obama
Arkansas voters support Barack Obama for President in 2008 because Barack... [more]

Democrats Against Mark Pryor
Mark Pryor was put into the Senate by his powerful father, and since then, he has operated like a real... [more]

Barack Ohio
Spread the message that you support the campaign of Barack Obama with this dramatic design that gets... [more]

IOKIYBO: It's OK If You're Barack Obama T-Shirt
Detention without trial? Warrantless wiretaps? Offshore oil drilling? Endangered species ignored?... [more]

Progressives Against Obama
Barack Obama promised change, but now he is bringing us the same old agenda of triangulation, supporting... [more]

Barack Obama is Fabulous
Don't be afraid to bring a little flamboyance to the 2008... [more]

Barack USA T-Shirt
Barack Obama is all American, with a background that he brings from the far corners of the globe and... [more]

Obama for America USA shirt
Support Barack Obama in his presidential re-election bid when you wear an Obama for America shirt. And... [more]

Rosie the Riveter Endorses Hillary Clinton -shirt)
"Rosie the Riveter issues her endorsement: Clinton!

This and every shirt... [more]

Dennis Kucinich for President '08
In 2008 progressive Democrats support... [more]

Barack Obama 2008 In Blue
Vote Blue in 2008. Vote Barack Obama for President.

This portrait of Barack Obama comes in iconic... [more]

Obama 08 for President Campaign T-Shirt
Barack Obama is the one Democratic candidate in the 2008 campaign who has an iconic power to captivate... [more]

Barack Obama: President '08 White House T-Shirt
"Barack Obama was the Senator from Illinois... [more]

Obama '08 Yes We Can!
This t-shirt is made in the USA, both in a literal factory and in the spirit of America that confronts... [more]

Groovy Chicks for Obama
Show a bit of progressive edge as you go out campaigning for Barack... [more]

Focus Barack Obama '08
A classic design with a bold personality suits Barack... [more]

Hillary Clinton She Has My Vote
Confront the Hillary bashers of the right wing who want to take America backwards into the hates of the... [more]

Hillary '08 Democratic Cleanup Shirt
Who is the best candidate to clean up the mess that George W. Bush and the Republicans have made of America?... [more]

Vote Obama 2008 (Pro-Obama Campaign Shirt)
Stake your progressive political claim to the red, white and blue with this patriotically themed Vote... [more]

The Brains of Hillary Clinton Campaign T-Shirt
Sexists opposing Hillary... [more]

For Peace, For Kucinich
Peace lovers support Dennis... [more]

Kucinich 2008 Campaign T-Shirt
In the 2008 presidential election, Dennis... [more]

Hillary Clinton for President in 2008
Hillary Clinton drives right wing Republicans... [more]

Support Dennis Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich is one of the more progressive members of Congress, so give Dennis Kucinich your support.... [more]

Hillary Clinton Vote Blue T-shirt
Remember the budget surplus? Remember peace and prosperity? Remember how much the United States of... [more]

Ft. Lauderdale Liberal Skyline T-Shirt
Broward County Florida got a bad name during the aftermath of Election 2000. But you know better than... [more]

Ithaca Liberal Green Star Tshirt
"Ithaca, New York is one of the most liberal... [more]

Kalamazoo Against War
"Kalamazoo, Michigan is a community... [more]

Miami for Peace T-shirt
"Miami is a city of sunlight an fresh breezes. Miami knows that the world is too beautiful for war.... [more]

Ithaca for Peace T-Shirt
"Ithaca, New York is one of the strongest cities for peace... [more]

Yet Another Chapel Hill Leftist T-Shirt
"Goodness gracious! If you aren't yet another one of those, those, those Chapel Hill Leftists!... [more]

Another New Orleans Leftist T-Shirt
"Yep, you're one of Those. Them. Another New Orleans Leftist. Depending on how you see it, either... [more]

Another Kalamazoo Leftist T-Shirt
"Yep, you're one of those. Them. You're another Kalamazoo leftist -- so why not be proud about it?

This... [more]

Kalamazoo Doesn't Have Room For Hate Shirt
"Kalamazoo is a college town with wide horizons, but one value it doesn't hold much room for is the bigotry... [more]

Kalamazoo: Proud to Live in a Blue Town Shirt
"Kalamazoo is that interesting West Michigan town where students have been promised free in-state universty... [more]

New Orleans Doesn't Have Room for Hate
"New Orleans has a lot more room to it lately than it used to. New Orleans has always had room for parties... [more]

New Orleans: Proud to Live in a Blue Town Shirt
"New Orleans has been through a lot. But it has been, and will be, a city that embraces liberty in living... [more]

Chapel Hill Doesn't Have Room for Hate Shirt
"You know, Chapel Hill is a university town and like most university towns has a lot of room for diversity... [more]

Chapel Hill: Proud to Live in a Blue Town Shirt
"Are you proud to live in that town they call a ""liberal oasis,"" Chapel Hill? Show that you're proud... [more]

Carrboro Doesn't Have Room for Hate Shirt
"The town of Carrboro has got room for people of all shapes, sizes and stripes. Carrboro has room for... [more]

Carrboro Liberal Shirt
"Are you one of those Carrboro liberals hanging out on Weaver Street, tooting around town in your hybrid,... [more]

Carrboro: Proud to Live in a Blue Town Shirt
"Carrboro -- Home to Weaver Street Market,... [more]

Miami: Proud to Live in a Blue Town
"Miami is a blue city through and through: open, inviting, diverse, eclectic, funky, thoughtful, thought-provoking... [more]

Miami Doesn't Have Room for Hate T-Shirt
"Miami is a big, big city with room for all sorts of people and all sorts of ideas and designs and dreams.... [more]

Miami Pride (American Apparel Shirt)
"Miami is well known as a community friendly to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. Take... [more]

Another Miami Leftist T-Shirt
"Yep, you're one of Them. Those. You know: Another Miami Leftist. But They don't know yet. Tell them,... [more]

Miamians Against War (American Apparel Shirt)
"Miami is a community of strong progressive pride. Part of that is an increasingly solid stand against... [more]

Asheville Pride American Apparel Shirt
"Show your lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender pride as a resident of Asheville, one of those places... [more]

Asheville Against War (American Apparel Shirt)
"Asheville Against War. If this message speaks for you, let the message speak through you.

This... [more]

Asheville Doesn't Have Room for Hate (Ethical T-shirt)
"Asheville is known across the country as the gateway to wide-open spaces. But in the building of an... [more]

Asheville Leftist Shirt
"You're one of those Asheville leftists everyone talks about. Don't hide it -- show your pride in it... [more]

Tucson Liberal Green Star Shirt
"Tucson is the most liberal city in all Arizona,... [more]

Asheville: Proud to Live in a Blue Town
"Asheville is a town known for its natural beauty, but one of the most beautiful aspects of the place... [more]

A Woman's Place (Hillary Clinton 2012 Shirt)
"They used to say that a woman's place is in the home. Times change. Now a woman's place is in the... [more]

I Supported Clinton Before It Was Cool (Pro-Clinton Shirt)
"Sure, NOW Hillary Clinton is like a super-popular pop-star politician. But she used to be like that... [more]

Hamsters for Hillary Clinton for President (Campaign 2012 Shirt)
"Hamsters for Hillary Clinton for President in 2012! This little hamster is marching right out there... [more]

Hillary Clinton 2012 Portrait T-Shirt
"Hillary Clinton's dreams (and your dreams of her dreams) are not kaput, not by a long shot. As Barack... [more]

Patriotic Peace Hand: Clinton 2012 T-Shirt
"The classic peace hand gesture comes across with American flair when you add the American flag colors... [more]

Earth Thanks You For Voting Obama
"This pro-Obama t-shirt has a couple of different meanings. On the first layer, there's the gratitude... [more]

Thank Me - I Voted Obama Star Tshirt
"You worked hard to see that Barack Obama would be elected. You volunteered. You donated. You talked... [more]

Obama Victory Celebration Tshirt
"Celebrate the victory of Barack Obama for President in 2008 with this t-shirt made for the weeks between... [more]

His Name Is President Barack Hussein Obama
"Wear this tshirt to talk back to those people on the right... [more]

Hope Won Barack Obama Victory Shirt
"In these days after the 2008 presidential election, remind people what the victory of Barack Obama really... [more]

President Obama Tee Shirt
"It's going to drive the racist right wing crazy having to hear the phrase President Obama for... [more]

President Barack Hussein Obama to you.
"The right wing nuts still are convinced that Barack Obama is some kind of secret Islamofascist undercover... [more]

Barack Obama: President!  Portrait T-Shirt
"On November 4, 2008, it finally happened. The dream was deferred no longer. Yes We Can became Yes... [more]

O: The President T-Shirt
"O. Obama. Barack Obama. The President. Yes. Finally. Here. Now. President Obama! Celebrate... [more]

I Voted Obama 2008 T-Shirt
"Let the world know you were a part of history with this I Voted Obama 2008 shirt, available in men's,... [more]

Barack Obama: Yes We Did T-Shirt
"Yes We Can? How about Yes We Did! Barack Obama is the next President of the United States of America!... [more]

Barack Obama Oath of Office T-Shirt
"The silhouetted face of President-Elect Barack Obama is overlaid with the text of the Oath of Office... [more]

Get Your Rick Warren Off My Barack Obama
"This shirt is an ultimatum and a double entendre. Barack Obama invited bigoted preacher Rick... [more]

Obama, But I Still Get Headaches
"Barack Obama is in office, but I still get these headaches. How is that possible?

For every... [more]

Obama has Not Healed my Bunions T-Shirt
"Barack Obama has been elected president, but he has not yet healed my bunions. That's not the Change... [more]

Obama Eye T-Shirt
"The Rising Sun Icon of the Barack Obama presidential campaign is reworked subtly with the addition of... [more]

When Obama Lost My Support Tshirt
"Barack Obama made a lot of big promises when he was running for President. He promised to oppose trickle... [more]

Darwin Day Tote Bag
Wherever you bring this tote bag, you'll help to spread the word of Darwin... [more]

Trick or Treaters for Obama Halloween Bag
Fill this bag up with candy and sweet things on Halloween night as you go out trick or treating with... [more]

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Junior Fitted T-Shirt
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Fitted T-Shirt
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Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
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