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Skreened sells only shirts made in the USA free of sweatshop labor

Irregular Goods -- A bumper sticker, a frisbee, a t-shirt, a coffee mug. When the regular media is bought and sold, it is important for you to broadcast an alternative message. Get the goods on George W. Bush, war, the police state and religion.

Good Left Hook -- Clothes made with no sweatshop labor, bumper stickers and buttons, all with a progressive twist.

Godless Goods -- Expressions of secular angst in an age of religious rule. Buttons, bumper stickers and more for freethinkers, humanists, atheists, and agnostics who feel squeezed under the growing shadow of American theocracy.

Deans Beans - fair trade organic coffee, so that you can get perky in the morning without that nasty aftertaste of contributing to the destruction of tropical rainforests and the oppression of plantation workers

Irregular Direct - liberal political buttons, magnets, bumper stickers and sneaker badges we design them, we make them, we ship them straight to you direct from Irregular Times

Organic Cotton Shirts and Sweat Free Shirts - both offering a variety of shirts with liberal political messages. All of these shirts are made completely without outsourced sweatshop labor.

Cu Sith Mythological Shop - Shirts, journals, posters, cards and more featuring a variety of mythological themes

Freecycle is a growing network of people living in big cities and progressive centers who are willing to give their old stuff away instead of just getting rid of it. It's better than recycling - freecycling ensures that old stuff continues to be used so that new stuff doesn't need to be used. In this way, freecycling is great for the environment, and for the progressive economy.

Northern Sun Merchandising -- these red diaper folks have been around for years, putting out old-time messages that can still sometimes ring true to today's issues. Worth a look.

Radical Rags: Show exactly where your allegiances lie -- Chomsky, King, Gandhi -- with these radical rags.

Progressive Depot - Shop blue today for a better tomorrow - with profits going to progressive causes

Progressive Bumper Sticker - a blog all about progressive bumper stickers, and the meaning behind their short messages.

As much as we might freecycle, we still need to bring money in somehow. Why else would we let other people boss us around? Luckily, the progressive side of the fence is increasingly tuning in to the idea of self-employment. One example we found of this phenomenon is the Queen of the Random Job, who tells about her experiences in low-level freaky jobs and gives her insights to those who want to work in freedom, with no one else bossing them around. There are some good links to progressive groups as well, and the Queeny donates 15 percent of her profits from her business to some excellent worthy causes.

The truth about No Sweat Apparel

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