Environmentalist Links

  • Get linked into UndoIt.org, a strong new project to urge our national leaders to get tough on global warming. Start by signing their petition, and move on from there.

  • BushGreenWatch tracks the Bush Administration's Environmental Misdeeds - and that must take a lot of work indeed!

  • Oceana: Building an international movement to save the world's oceans - and consider that without the oceans, the Earth is nothing but a big dry rock. Don't give in to the Republicans' big dry rock agenda!

  • Haribon, named after the noble Philippine Eagle, is a fantastic conservation organization in The Philippines, fighting the good fight against deforestation and devastation of the Filipino marine environment. They're worth a good look, and your support.

  • Sure, it's commercial, but every free click helps, a little teeny eensy weensy bit. Free email doesn't hurt, either. Get into Care2.com.

  • The National Wildlife Federation has been working to protect the environment for generations, and there's no time like the present to get involved in its efforts. Sign up for membership now!

  • AISO Web Hosting offers an environmental alternative to on-the-grid hosts. AISO is powered 100% with solar energy!

  • American Lands Alliance - a network of environmental organizations dedicated to preserving habitat in the United States

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