Local Leftist Links

  • Irregular States -- Political goods (bumper stickers, t-shirts, license plate frames, etc.) for every single one of the 50 American states. Whether you're from Alabama or Wisconsin, or somewhere else in America's alphabet, you can find stuff here on your local and state races, as well as a statewide perspective on national races.

  • A vigorous new liberal site: New York Liberal, including the New York liberal blog.

  • A while back we had a link here to a Missouri Liberal web site hosted on a .us domain. Well, that web site is gone, but a new Missouri liberal blog is up. Enjoy, folks!

  • Wyoming Progressive Politics - Liberal links for wide open spaces

  • California's Direct Action to Stop the War - their peaceful protesters were attacked by police, with rubber bullets and concussion grenades.

  • Take Back Congress - New York - a cooperative blog for progressive Democratic campaigns for Congress across New York State

  • Clean Air - Cool Planet - Climate Change Solutions for the Northeast

  • Blogging the Short North -- Local Progressive Perspectives and Insights from the Short North neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio

  • The Emerging Majority - A progressive radio show that plays throughout eastern Massachusetts

  • Take Back New York's 24th District

  • Progressive Chattanooga - a new online rendezvous for the liberal side of the city at the toes of Tennessee's Smokies

  • Finding Ulysses

  • Downwinders - advocacy for the victims of radioactive fallout resulting from U.S. government above-ground nuclear detonations

  • EcoVillage at Ithaca: Finally a planned community that actually lives as a community!

  • Bob Aubin, joining the progressive resistance in New York State's North Country

  • Blogs supporting Les Roberts for Congress - a true progressive patriot

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