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List of State Campaign Finance Websites in the USA

The following is a list of links to campaign finance websites for each of the 50 states of the USA. It was last checked for accuracy and updated on June 19, 2012. Irregular Times will annually update links to keep them fresh; if you’re aware that one of the links is no longer fresh, please post a comment below to let us know and we’ll post a fix as soon as possible.

List of Campaign Finance Database Websites for each of the 50 states of the United States of America

Alabama: Secretary of State (

Alaska: Alaska Public Offices Commission (

Arizona: Secretary of State (

Arkansas: Secretary of State Elections Division (

California: Secretary of State (

Colorado: Secretary of State (

Connecticut: Campaign Reporting Information System (|)

Delaware: Commissioner of Elections (

Florida: Department of State (

Georgia: Secretary of State ( )

Hawaii: Campaign Spending Commission (

Idaho: Secretary of State (

Illinois: State Board of Elections (

Indiana: Secretary of State (

Iowa: Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board (

Kansas: Governmental Ethics Commission (

Kentucky: Kentucky Registry of Election Finance (

Louisiana: Board of Ethics (

Maine: Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices (

Maryland: State Board of Elections (

Massachusetts: Office of Campaign and Political Finance (

Michigan: Department of State (

Minnesota: Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board (

Mississippi: Secretary of State (

Missouri: Missouri Ethics Commission (

Montana: Commissioner of Political Practices (

Nebraska: Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission (

Nevada: Secretary of State (

New Hampshire: Campaign Finance System (

New Jersey: Election Law Enforcement Commission (

New Mexico: Campaign Finance Information System (

New York: State Board of Elections (

North Carolina: State Board of Elections (

North Dakota: Secretary of State (

Ohio: Secretary of State (

Oklahoma: Ethics Commission (

Oregon: Secretary of State (

Pennsylvania: Department of State (

Rhode Island: Board of Elections (

South Carolina: State Ethics Commission (

South Dakota: Secretary of State (

Tennessee: Tennessee Registry of Election Finance (

Texas: Texas Ethics Commission (

Utah: State Elections Office (

Vermont: Secretary of State (

Virginia: State Board of Elections (

Washington: Public Disclosure Commission (

West Virginia: Secretary of State (

Wisconsin: Government Accountability Board (

Wyoming: Secretary of State (

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