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This morning, we received the following modest message from a fellow who seems to call himself "GMC George" (although this apparent name may have some deeper meaning that we're not aware of). As far as we can tell, it's a theory that attempts to explain everything, as well as nothing. I guess nothing would logically have to be part of everything, seeing as how everything missing nothing would be incomplete. Or something.

Well, we've been pondering its wisdom for at least an hour now, trying to figure out whether "the god" equals "wrongness" and therefore also equals "non-existence", and how "creation" can equal "non-creation". Perhaps we're missing a few unspoken premises, or maybe this "proof" is supposed to work beyond the level of mere human logic, up at the level of cosmic mental formulation.

Could it be the explanation behind George W. Bush's plan to balance the budget through tax cuts for the wealthy, big cash grants to defense contractors and the return of deficit spending all at the same time? Does it explain Dick Cheney's secret energy policy meetings with Enron CEO Kenneth Lay? Is it the distillation of what make's McDonald's Special Sauce so special? Hmmm....

We have to admit that we're stumped, so we're asking for your help. Do you have an explanation that will help us understand this formula? Do you have a formula or logical proof of your own that explains more of everything or less of nothing than the one below? If so, we want to hear from you.

Just email us your comments or explanations of cosmic consciousness to us at We'll post the most inspiring contributions on the Irregular Times web site so that our other visitors will have the opportunity to understand The Truth as well as you do.

Well, without further ado, (Ado = Bdo = Do B Do B Do) here's the magic formula:

Do  you understand Existence and  Non-existence as I do, we can help each other.

Existence   =   Existence
Existence   =   Everything
Everything  =   Existence
Everything  =   Creation
Creation    =   Everything
Creation    =   Existence

Existence   =   Everything   =  Creation

Non-existence   =   Non-existence
Non-existence   =   Nothing
Nothing         =   Non-existence
Nothing         =   Non-creation
Non-creation    =   Nothing
Non-creation    =   Non-existence

Non-existence  =  Nothing  =  Non-creation

Creation    and    Non-creation

Creation  =  Creation
Creation  =  Rightness
Rightness =  Creation
Rightness =  The way
The way   =  Rightness
The way   =  Creation

Creation  =  The way  =  Rightness

Non-creation  =  Non-creation
Non-creation  =  Wrongness
Wrongness     =  Non-creation
Wrongness     =  The  way
The way       =  Wrongness
The way       =  Non-creation

Non-creation   =  The way  =  Wrongness

The way  =  To

                       The  way
wrongness = ( rightness  TO  wrongness) = rightness
^                                                ^
noncreation                                  creation
^                                                ^
nonexistence                                 existence
^                                                ^
nothing                                      everything

and to make it short  put these symbols
+ = rightness,right
- = wrongness,wrong
and it will show this:
+ = +
- = -

well,this is the proof

- = ( + to - ) = +

it is what proves everything and nothing.

it is the link =  the god

god is the way

if u understand this formula then I'm here to help

GMC George

return to irregulartimes.comLook folks, we're not making this up. I swear that this is an actual honest-to-rightness message we received through a feedback form. We just wish that when GMC George told us "I'm here to help" that he had told us which "here" he was at so that we could find him and get his special kind of help.

We here at Irregular Times don't want to miss our chance at salvation through the perfect understanding of this profound, poetic formula. Please give us a hand. Help us find the way, or the rightness, or everything...

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