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  1. Garth Saalfield says:

    I watched the Senate vote the Defense Authorization Bill, Friday (9-24-10). I had it on as background noise while searching articles in Irregular Times; one of the things to do! (Bored? Interested? Curious, anyway!)
    Can you confirm for me (and other progressives!) Harry Reid (D-Nev.) voted ‘nay’? Voted to ‘kill the bill’? (Only Uma can really ‘Kill Bill’! Besides she’s got bigger balls, then… I digress)
    Then I watched MSNBC ‘talk shows’ (Keith & Rachel- I know, it’s a weakness in me!) that evening, drumming down the Republicans for voting against the ‘Defense Bill’ and against ‘DADT’. I felt as though I was being turned on (I better amend; ‘turned upon’). I know the ‘right-wing-nuts’ aren’t the only ones being duped, but Reid (D-Nev.) bringing the vote to the floor of the Senate and then voting ‘nay’? I didn’t record the vote, but rewound that segment, and the results were the same; “Reid, D-Nev. No”.
    I’d appreciate your assistance finding this out. I know there’s a link somewhere to get that ‘up to the minute’ results, but I’m not finding it. Perhaps you might share the appropriate link, as well.
    Most sincerely.

    1. Jim says:

      Peregrin Wood explained the oddity of Reid’s vote when it came down the pike:

      “One final technical note on the vote is called for: Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid voted against the amendment to appeal, but only because he supports the repeal. Thanks to Senators Lincoln and Pryor, Senator Reid could not have cast the deciding vote, and by voting against the repeal, Senator Reid has retained the power to bring the measure back up for a vote at a later time.”

      The Senate is an odd place with weird rules, and this is one of them.

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