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Government Agents Spying on You

The Bush Administration's effort to create a citizen snitch corps failed when Democrats in Congress got wind of John Ashcroft's infamous Operation TIPS. Americans demanded that the Senate kill George W. Bush's attempt to reward the criminals of the Iran Contra Scandal by giving them authority over a massive electronic system to read Americans' emails, listen in on their phone calls, flip through their personal health records, and even keep tabs on their library card activity. Led by Democrats, the U.S. Senate put the leash back on Bush's plans for Total Information Awareness.

You'd think that the Bush Administration would have learned. Americans just don't want "Homeland Security" agents searching through information about their personal activities. We don't believe that our government has the right to spy on us whenever it wants to.

With the defeat of these attempts by the Bush Administration to gain unlimited spying power over American citizens, we thought we were safe. We thought that Bush, Ashcroft and Tom Ridge had given up the fight for the right to snoop.

We were wrong.

Thanks to some hard work by Senator Dianne Feinstein, America has learned that George W. Bush and his top aides are still trying their darndest to gain the power to spy on the private lives of citizens.

During a detailed review by the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Feinstein spotted a single paragraph that would give the military and the Central Intelligence Agency (that's the CIA), the legal power to search through your credit card and bank records, your email logs, and even your telephone calls, without ever having to get a search warrant to show probable cause. According to the new plan, this information could then be legally forwarded on to the new Department of Homeland Security, or directly to the White House.

Imagine that. You're going about your daily life, and George W. Bush is trying to gain the power to personally review the details of everything you do. George W. Bush would gain the power to see who you send email messages to, what you're buying with your credit card, and who you're calling on your own telephone. What's more, Bush could send his agents out to gather this information about you even if you're not suspected of committing a crime.

Believe it or not, the wording for this paragraph came directly from the Bush White House. This new plan for massive electronic surveillance of law-abiding Americans comes directly from the office of George W. Bush.

Just what is Bush up to? Hasn't he heard of the Bill of Rights? Hasn't someone told him that Americans have a constitutional protection from unreasonable search and seizure?

A good quick summary of this White House insertion is provided by journalist Richard Reeves.

George W. Bush and his Republican aides have demonstrated a strange obsession with gaining the power to spy on American's private affairs. Just what do they plan to do with that power?

When will George W. Bush and the Republicans learn that Americans don't want his goons spying on their private lives?

I have a feeling that he might learn the lesson in 2004.

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