On May 15, 2003, Jim Shella of WISH TV-8 in Indianapolis reported that before a speech by George W. Bush in support of a tax cut, Republican White House operatives instructed wealthy donors and political players to remove their neckties if they would appear on-camera behind the image of George W. Bush.

Why remove neckties? As Shella reports, Republican operatives wanted it to appear that the individuals clapping and cheering on Bush's tax cut plan were not wealthy donors and political players, but rather just regular old plain folks. To make wealthy donors and political players look like just regular old plain folks, the neckties have got to go.

As the polls show, George W. Bush is having a hard time getting real working-class Americans to support his tax cut for the rich. Apparently, manufacturing fake working-class Americans for TV cameras is good enough.

This isn't the first time George W. Bush has had to manufacture a fake image because he couldn't deal with reality. Just a week ago, George W. Bush spent millions of taxpayer dollars keeping a ship and its crew idling in circles out in the Pacific away from its port so he could land on it in a jet for a campaign commercial. A few months before that, Dubya had his aides put "Made in America" stickers on Chinese-made boxes, then stacked them next to Bush. Apparently, the foreign-made truth would look bad on television. As far back as the Republican Convention of 2000, George W. Bush's handlers arranged for black faces to be painted on the Convention floor and black gospel choirs to be hired as entertainment in order to balance out the lilly white faces of the real Republican Party players there that week.

This is a pattern, people. And these aren't matters of opinion -- they are observed, confirmed facts. When it makes him look bad, George W. Bush can't handle the truth. Bush's choices demonstrate a galling lack of the honor and integrity he promised to maintain while occupying the office of President.

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