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The following are the our latest additions to an already extensive line of political bumper stickers, buttons and sweatshop-free t-shirts that focus on the topical -- like the 2012 Elections and a looming War Against Iran. Keeping track of these designs is a great way to follow the political zeitgeist.

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One of the 47% Mitt Romney Doesn't Worry About Black T-Shirt

When Mitt Romney declared to a closed-door meeting of the ultra wealthy that his job was to not worry about the 47% of Americans who are struggling the hardest to make ends meet, he bet on the fact that you wouldn't hear him say those words. Now that you have, let the world know who you are: one of the 47% of Americans that Mitt Romney doesn't worry about. (Anti-Romney t-shirt)
Support Marriage Equality in Maine. In November, Vote YES on 1 Bumper Sticker

The time for people to discriminate against one another is passing. The time for us to embrace equality is here. Support Marriage Equality in Maine. This November, vote YES on 1! (Maine same-sex marriage bumper sticker)
Free Speech is a Civil Right Bumper Sticker

Free Speech is not a privilege. Free Speech is not a prize to be earned for loyalty to the powers that be. Free Speech is irrevocable. Free Speech is a civil right, a constitutional guarantee. Free Speech is our birthright, our American inheritance. Assert it. Deploy it. Speak! (Raised fist free speech square bumper sticker)
Sluts Vote Button Featuring a Determined Rosie the Riveter

Sluts Vote! That's what Rosie the Riveter declares on this button as she rolls up her sleeve, ready to do the hard activitst work needed to counter the anti-woman Limbaugh agenda. Let 'em know you won't have it with that old fashioned, outdated, sexist bunk. Will you spread the word? (Sluts Vote! Button)
No Coupon Care Bumper Sticker to Save Medicare

Paul Ryan and his Republican congressional colleagues want to take away our senior citizens' health care, give them a coupon that doesn't cover the costs, and leave them to languish, suffer and die in obscurity. Why doesn't the GOP just leave our seniors out on an ice floe while they're at it. How cruel. This is not the America you and I believe in. Spread the word: NO COUPON CARE! Bumper Sticker
Old Hippies Against Romney-Ryan Bumper Sticker

Why, they call you an aging hippy like it's a BAD thing! But you're one of the large set of old hippies who's happy with the label. Yes, you're old -- you have experience. And yes, you're a hippy -- someone in touch with yourself and the world around you. How could you stand for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, two starched stuffed shirts in search of corporate masters to better serve? No way -- you'll be independent of institutional interests until the end. That's why you're one of the old hippies against Romney-Ryan in 2012. (Hippy anti-Romney bumper sticker)
Mitt Romney: Another Rich Guy

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney can't spin the truth. Romney is another Rich Guy helping his Rich Friends get Richer. Every single one of his policies boils down to this. Don't let him get away with it. (Anti-Romney bumper sticker)
Mitt Romney: Tax Dodger for President Bumper Sticker

Thanks to a data dump by Gawker, Mitt Romney has finally been caught in his financial shenanigans. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has gotten rich off of investments that were strategically made to avoid paying taxes. Fund document declare Bain "intends to conduct its operations so it will not be subject to United States federal income or withholding tax." Do we really want a tax dodger for President? Is this the man you want in charge of the country? (Anti-Romney bumper sticker)
Rmoney: Bluffing America Bumper Sticker mocking the arrogant wealthy greedhead elitism of the Mitt Romney campaign

The Mitt Romney campaign bumper sticker -- you know, with the weird rippling R and the words "Believe in America," as if it people who believe in America can only inevitably support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan -- is retooled to be more honest. The new version: RMONEY, Bluffing America. Don't fall for the fool and his Medicare-cutting, Social Security-slashing, rich-kid-trust-fund-saving sidekick. Stay away from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and let others know you won't have any of their nonsense.
If you don't know anything about rape and pregnancy, stop legislating it! Tell Todd Akin Button

Someone needs to tell Todd Akin: if you don't understand pregnancy, you probably should stop trying to regulate it. On second thought, don't just tell Todd Akin. Tell all the Republican fundamentalist conservative anti-science politicians who shockingly AGREE with Todd Akin, despite scientific evidence and THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of pregnant rape victims to the contrary. (Anti-Sexist, Anti-Rape, Anti-Akin button)
Todd Akin is the Tip of the Iceberg (Anti-Akin Button on Legitimate Rape)

The Republican Party establishment thinks it can hush up the debacle of their long-time congressman and major Senate candidate Todd Akin blathering on about legitimate rape and rape victims not being able to get pregnant. But the open secret is that many Republican politicians in their ranks agree with Todd Akin, even though his statement has no basis in fact. Todd Akin is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ignorant Republican politicians trying to control women's bodies. As you know, they are everywhere and they are driving Republican policy. They are the Republican majority. Shoving Todd Akin into a corner won't make that truth go away. We must STOP electing ignorant, sexist Republicans to public office and other positions of power. Until then, fundamentalist Republican conservative authoritarian anti-woman ignoramuses like Todd Akin will keep popping up everywhere, because the Republican Party has put them into office everywhere. Let everyone around you know you won't have it any more. (Anti-Heedless, Anti-Authoritarian, Anti-Sexist, Anti-Akin Button Design)
Todd Akin is a Legitimate Jerk (Anti-Akin Bumper Sticker)

Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin has been embarrassing Missouri for years as a member of the House of Representatives, but now he's been caught saying that there really isn't much "Legitimate Rape." Todd Akin needs to go away. Akin is a legitimate sexist. Akin is a legitimate dinosaur. Akin is a legitimate JERK. (Anti-Rape, Pro-Woman, Anti-Akin Bumper Sticker in Black and White)
To End Medicare, Vote Romney-Ryan Bumper Sticker

If you think that our senior citizens deserve to be kicked out the door, if you think your grandparents should die without health care, then by all means vote Mitt Romney for President and Paul Ryan for Vice President. If you value the elderly among us, then vote for someone else. (Bumper Sticker for Medicare and against Romney-Ryan)
Romney-Ryan Pig T-Shirt

This is possible the most honest Romney-Ryan campaign t-shirt out there. Instead of a stately old elephant, we've put a pig right in the middle. The pig represents everything central to the campaign of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: greed, heedless consumption, and willingness to wreck the environment to get to that last precious truffle. (Tongue-in-check Romney-Ryan campaign shirt)
I Stand Against the Greedy One Percent (that's GOP) bumper sticker

The Grand Old Party is made up of people who vote for the Green, the Oil, the Patricians. G.O.P. stands for, and represents, the Greedy One Percent. (Elephant anti-Republican bumper sticker)
Keep your MITTS off my Medicare bumper sticker

Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan propose to solve America's problems by cutting off grandma and grandpa's health care. Where I come from, we call that EXACERBATING the problem. But the Romney-Ryan ticket is bursting full steam ahead, demanding a tax cut for the nation's ultra-wealthy at the same time. Say what? Tell Romney and Ryan to keep their mitts off our medicare! (pro-healthcare, anti-Romney bumper sticker)
Romney-Ryan for the One Percent Shirt

Mitt Romney for President and Paul Ryan for Vice President? Vote Romney-Ryan, sure, if you are one of the 1% wealthiest Americans and you want an extra-special tax break paid off the backs of old ladies who will have their health coverage taken away. Otherwise, the Republican ticket doesn't have much to offer you, you poor 99 percenter you. (Made in the USA shirt against Romney-Ryan)
To Help Mitt Pay 0.82% in Taxes, Vote Mitt for President in 2012 bumper sticker

An Atlantic Monthly analysis reveals that if GOP Vice Presidential pick Paul Ryan's plan goes into effect, Mitt Romney will pay less than 1% in income tax, a rate 15 times lower than the average American pays. No wonder Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan to be his running mate! To help Mitt evade taxes, vote Mitt for President in 2012. Otherwise... (Anti-Romney bumper sticker)
Romney-Ryan Bumper Sticker: Don't Hop on the Crazy Train

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are riding the Crazy Train to the White House in 2012: social security cuts to retirees, medicare cuts for seniors, all so the richest of the very rich can get a tax cut. It's an Express Railroad, with the rails greased by buckets of juicy campaign cash. Don't let the Romney-Ryan running mates get their ticket punched. (Romney/Ryan 2012 bumper sticker of opposition)
Romney-Ryan: Restore America's Aristocracy

The official motto of the Romney-Ryan 2012 presidential campaign is Restore America's Promise. But the real Romney/Ryan agenda is Restore America's Aristocracy. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are all about preserving the privileges and prerogatives of the amazingly rich. (Anti-elitist, Anti-Ryan, Anti-Romney bumper sticker)
Romney-Ryan T-Shirt... Warning: Deluded Elitists Ahead

Adopting a railroad theme appropriate given the RR ticket, this shirt opposes the Romney-Ryan presidential ticket with a warning sign featuring the names of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and beneath, WARNING: DELUDED ELITISTS AHEAD! This t-shirt made ethically in the USA by American Apparel.
The Real Romney-Ryan '12 Agenda: Strapping Granny to the Roof of the Car (Bumper Sticker)

When Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate in the Republican race for the White House, he made his economic agenda clear: cutting Grandma's health care so the billionaires could get a bit more of a tax advantage than they already have. The Romney-Ryan ticket in 2012 is strapping Granny to the Roof of the car and peeling off down the road, heedless of the inhumanity. (Bumper Sticker against the Romney-Ryan 2012 ticket)
Smartphone + Car = Skull Bumper Sticker

If you're texting while driving, you're as good as dead. Get the message out with this blunt but effective rebus featuring a smartphone, a car and a skull in a deadly equation. (Bumper Sticker for the Anti-Texting Campaign)
Romney-Ryan 2012: Together for the 1% Bumper Sticker

Mitt Romney is Running for President in 2012 with Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential pick. Romney and Ryan are running together for... who? Not you and me. They're running to make life even easier for the comfortable 1%. Meanwhile they're strapping Granny to the hood of the car. Good lord, this is a nasty move for the other 99% of us. (Bumper Sticker against the Romney-Ryan ticket in 2012)
Stop Texting and Driving Round Car Magnet

There are many controversies in life, many subjects about which reasonable people can disagree, but no thoughtful person can support the recent trend of people texting while driving. Too many lives have been lost because someone couldn't put down their smartphone and drive without distractions. Click through on this image to find a wide variety of Stop Texting and Driving designs on shirts, bumper stickers, buttons and magnets. Spread the word. Help return our roads to sanity. No more texting while driving.

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