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Pagan Bumperstickers
- markers along your own path -

We here at Irregular Times are not a Christian lot. We have atheists and agnostics in our mix, as well as the simply non-religious. We also have a pagan or two contributing to our work, and we wanted to put together a collection of items in tribute to them and the positive energy they bring to the site.

We know that the word "pagan" is a hard thing to define these days, so we're not going to try. Define what pagan means for yourself. That is the essence of the pagan way, isn't it?

You'll note that we've got some Winter Solstice items at this point, featuring our very own old Oak, strong-limbed in a storm at night. We are working on other items for the full cycle of the year, with all the holidays that different traditions celebrate, but we have to admit we're a bit behind in this project. If you have a suggestion, please let us know at Thanks... and blessed be.

Celebrate Winter Solstice Poster - 11x17 inches

Winter Solstice Greeting Cards

Born Again Heathen

Born Again Heretic

Witches Against Bush Bumper Sticker

Another Heathen Against Bush Bumper Sticker

Skip Church, Dig Your Garden Bumper Sticker

A Garden is a Mystic Altar

Raven is Flying Bumper Sticker

Wiccans Against Bush

Faerie Folk Against Bush

Vampire Slayers Against Bush

I Don't Just Hug Trees. I Kiss Them Too.

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