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Hey, Fucks are Traitors, Too!

David Cowan sent the following yesterday to us: You fucks are the traitors, did you vote?, did you serve your country? I did both, I vote and spent 20 years in the military ( combat Vietnam Marine). Professional soldiers and Marines don’t get to choose

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God’s Clear Intent

Walking out and about in the city of Columbus, Ohio, I found two signs within a few blocks of each other. These two black-and-white religious signs come from opposite ends of the political spectrum within Christianity, but they share some fundamental similarities. Each raised questions

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Are these images offensive? Which? Why? (OK, OK, NSFW)

A month ago, I was intruiged by the reaction to Peregrin Wood’s article, Porter Goss Aide Dusty Foggo’s Home Searched By Police. Peregrin’s text was accompanied by a picture of a nude female torso, and a number of comments expressed shock, offense and outrage at