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The Yitzhak Luria Heresy Experiment

This month (October 2005), Rabbi Rafael Cohen condemned Madonna for singing a song containing a reference to the name of 16th Century Kabbalah scholar Yitzhak Luria. Rabbi Cohen proclaimed, “Jewish law forbids the use of the name of the holy rabbi for profit. Her act

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Harriet Miers Blog

Cheer up! “Harriet Miers” has started her own blog. It’s a real hoot to boot. Some sample entries: OMG I SPENT TOO LONG ON THAT POST AND I GOT CAUGHT! Im just writing this really quickly… Andy Card came in when I was blogging and

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Freeway Blogging Goes Local

Freeway blogging is the practice of placing protest signs along a highway so that thousands of commuters can read messages of dissent. Up to now, the practice was organized on a catch-as-catch can basis nationally, with people engaging in individual acts wherever they were and