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Progressive Patriotic Bumperstickers
- because you don't have to be arrogant to be a patriot -

Some people would have us believe that patriotism is only for right-wing Republican reactionaries - pro-war radicals who value the flag over the freedoms that it represents.

They're wrong, of course. There are plenty of patriotic political progressives, and for them we offer the following collection of patriotic bumper stickers.

They're awash in red, white and blue, but there's a different tone to this kind of patriotic bumper sticker. These bumper stickers don't demand that everybody stand together without dissent. These bumper stickers don't shove one person's God down another's throat. These patriotic bumper stickers don't shout a demand for war, or blood, or some other form of angry vengeance. Nope, not even making fun of France.

These patriotic bumperstickers urge Americans to make use of their freedoms rather than just giving them lip service. These bumper stickers use America's colors to promote a vision of our nation that is open and tolerant. These bumper stickers support resistance to George W. Bush, who has attacked the very freedoms in the Constitution that he has sworn to protect.

Go ahead. Now, you can be patriotic and be yourself at the same time.

Support Our Troops. Dump Bush.

World Patriot Bumper Sticker

I Love America I Vote Democrat Bumper Sticker

Real Patriots Don't Take Away Freedom

Witches Against Bush Bumper Sticker

Repeal the Unamerican Patriot Act Bumper Sticker

Stand Up America! Vote Democratic Bumper Sticker

Support Our Troops. Dump that Bush.

To Secure Liberty: United We Dump Bush Bumpersticker

I Love America. My Vote: Dump Bush

Save America's Freedoms. Dump Bush!

Stand Up, America! United We Dump Bush Bumper Sticker

United We Dump Bush Bumper Sticker

Cod Lips America Bumper Sticker

Free America Vote Democrat Bumper Sticker

Save the Constitution. Vote Bush out! We can do it!

For Our Security, United We Dump Bush Bumper Sticker

For Our Democracy, United We Dump Bush

Vote Freedom. Go Democrat.

I'm Patrioticker Than You Are!

Not All Patriots Like to Wave Flags.

Voting is not enough, but it is quite a lot.

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