Anti-War T-Shirts for the Peacenik in You

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War: what is it good for? Pay attention and you know the answer. War is dandy for bloating the budget of the Defense Department and inflating the profits of military contractors. War is essential for maintaining xenophobia and the useful tools of fear. But war is not good for the rest of us human beings. These peace shirts (made ethically and sweatshop-free) acknowledge the lesson of the years: We've given war a chance. How about a little peace now?
Wetlands Not War Shirt
Our human resources on this planet should be devoted to protection and conservation, not destruction... [more]

War is making us Poor T-Shirt
War is not good for children and other human beings... and it's not good for checkbooks either. All... [more]

Peace Horse
This horse expresses the feeling of all those who ride. It's a peace horse, leaving a trail of peace... [more]

No Justice, No Peas
It's a gentle satire of the traditional activist slogan, "No Justice No Peace". This time, it's a commentary... [more]

Octopus for Peace
The octopus you see here on this shirt is so eager to spread the word of nonviolence that it's holding... [more]

Peace Porcupine
Porcupines may be a bit prickly, but that's only because they want to live in peace. This stylish herbivore... [more]

Peace Panda T-Shirt
A panda bear in repose holds out a peace sign. Is it in recognition or appeal? Wear this peace panda... [more]

If We Outlaw Nukes Only Outlaws Will Have Nukes Shirt
It's the corollary of the old pro-gun saying, the one that said if we outlaw guns only outlaws will have... [more]

Billiards of Peace: Floating Peace Signs in Space
This abstract tri-tone design features the universally recognized peace symbol floating in space on billiard... [more]

End the Drug War (t-shirt)
"The ""drug war"" has put non-violent people with an illness behind bars. Addiction is a health problem,... [more]

Santa Claus Peace Christmas T-Shirt
"From up there in the seat on his sleigh, Santa Claus can see what's going on in the world below. He's... [more]

This Is Not Security Anti-Nuclear Shirt
There are still some people who say that the only way that the world can be secure is for some nations... [more]

Dolphin Peace Symbol
Nothing represents the cause of peace more clearly than the peace sign, the international symbol of protest... [more]

Bicyclists for Peace Shirt
"Bicycles are almost impossible to use as weapons. Bikes are instruments of peace and progress, reducing... [more]

WMD? T-Shirt
"Yeah, that's all you need to ask to stop a bloviating war freak. Just ask, ""WMD?"" The whole Iraq... [more]

Peace Alien Shirt
"A happy-go-lucky alien flashes the peace sign with his hand and on his shirt. Go happy, go lucky, go... [more]

Peace, Earth, Love, Dove Badge Shirt
"A circular badge divided into quadrants features the peace sign, the earth, a heart for love, and a... [more]

Peace Orangutan
"Make a primal kind of show of support for peace with this tshirt that features the peace orangutan,... [more]

Peace on Earth (Flying Dove Shirt)
"A dove with an olive branch flies over the Earth on this t-shirt. Peace on Earth is possible. Turning... [more]

Four Color Peace Orbs T-Shirt
In four variations of primary colors, the peace sign shines brightly from this shirt, attracting attention... [more]

peace in a swirling sun t-shirt
The one, small, blue word "peace" stands in the middle of a swirling sun of color. Let your hope for... [more]

Peace Sign, Peace Words (American Apparel Shirt)
"The peace sign on this shirt is not made up of a solid painting of color, but of a set of words meant... [more]

Peace Newt American Apparel Shirt
"Hey, baby, there's a Peace Newt crawling up your shirt! No, really, it's OK. It won't hurt you. Just... [more]

Peas are Patriotic Shirt
"A gently humorous on the Peace Is Patriotic refrain: Peas are Patriotic! Have fun with it.

This... [more]

Blue Peace Sign Apparel T-Shirt

This blue peace sign is available as a kid's shirt, on a one-piece, or on a man's or woman's of many... [more]

Peace Sign Yin Yang American Apparel T-Shirt
"Peace comes from balance and the co-existence of diverse, differing elements. And so we have incorporated... [more]

These Colors Don't Run Either American Apparel Shirt
"People are fond of saying ""These Colors Don't Run!"" to refer to courage in defense of one set of ideas.... [more]

Peace Ankh (American Apparel T-Shirt)
"Combine the Egyptian symbol for life with the sign for peace and you convey your intention to live a... [more]

Patriotic Peace Hand Shirt
"Show your pro-American, anti-War bona fides with this patriotic peace hand design from Irregular... [more]

Polar Bears for Peace shirt
Add this antiwar activist shirt to your closet menagerie: Polar... [more]

Okapeace (Okapi Peace T-Shirt)
Compared to the giraffe, the okapi doesn't get much attention. Peace... [more]

Peace Ape T-Shirt
"Consider the Bonobo. Unlike the cousin chimpanzee, the bonobo settles group tension with sex. Make... [more]

Peace Heart Love American Apparel T-Shirt
"This shirt puts your heart on something bigger than your sleeve. If you agree that love is spelled... [more]

Black and White Oval Peace Shirt
"A European-style set of black and white concentric ovals contains a message of Peace within.

This... [more]

Peace Cow.  Moo.  (American Apparel Shirt)
"Peace. Moo. Doesn't the cow tell you all you need to know?

This and every shirt... [more]

Mothers Against War (Sweatshop-Free Shirt)
"A pregnant belly besides the words ""Mothers Against War.""

For every one of these shirts... [more]

Peace Roo (Peaceful Kangaroo Shirt)
"In a peaceable kingdom, despite the storied reputation of the boxing kangaroo, there really is nothing... [more]

Peace, Earth, Love, Dove Square Design Shirt
"A square divided into colorful quadrants features the peace sign, the earth, a heart for love, and a... [more]

The Definition of Pacifist T-shirt
"Some people have the crazy idea that pacifism is an extremist philosophy, as if war... [more]

Woman Symbol, Peace Sign (American Apparel Shirt)
"This combination of a peace sign and the symbol for womanhood expresses a joint idea: you are a woman... [more]

Peace Pumpkin T-Shirt
"Wear this shirt on Halloween to gently get out the message that, all pretending aside, it's time for... [more]

Pink Peace Sign Shirt

This pink peace sign is available on a kid's shirt, on a one-piece, or on a man's or woman's of many... [more]

Black and Silver Peace Sign T-Shirt
"This black and silver peace sign shirt, like every shirt... [more]

Peace Sign in Four Color Tiles T-Shirt
Show that you are for peace when you wear four peace! In red, yellow, green and blue your message... [more]

Peace and Justice Dove T-Shirt
"The dove of peace flies across this t-shirt (made sweatshop-free by American Apparel) with the words... [more]

Peace Penguin (Penguin holding Peace Sign) Shirt
"This penguin knows which way the wind's blowing, and he can't even fly. Some of us are just attuned... [more]

Texas United Against War (American Apparel Shirt)
"If enough of us say it out loud and convince our neighbors, we can make it so: Texas United Against... [more]

War Destroys Humans Beings T-Shirt
"Are they badges of honor? Dropped payloads? Gravestones? You decide. The truth behind them: War Destroys... [more]

Peace Possum Shirt
"Here's our peace possum, a little fella we found perched in a tree after a storm. He's all right, you... [more]

Ben Franklin on War and Peace
Benjamin Franklin once wrote "There never was a good war or a bad peace." Since that time, pro-war... [more]

Black Peace Sign in Four Color Tiles
"This warholian t-shirt features four black peace signs surrounded by various combinations of bright... [more]

Peace Bug T-Shirt
Feel the comfort as this colorful little fella crawls across this sweatshop-free tee, made in the USA... [more]

Flower Burst Peace Sign
Make your declaration of peace bright and color-filled with this peace sign t-shirt, populated by bursting... [more]

Peace Hamster T-Shirt
"This little hamster may not be able to stand out in a crowd of big and burly humans, but he's doing... [more]

War is not moderate
American politics is dominated by a group of people who falsely... [more]

Red Slash through War Antiwar Shirt
"This red slash through war states your position simply and boldly: you are against war and all its insanities. This... [more]

Peace Hand in Silhouette T-Shirt
"""Peace, man,"" says the peace man. In silhouettes of shadows and light come the flashed sign for peace... [more]

Peace, Love, Health Care T-Shirt
A peace sign. A heart. The rod of Asclepius. In words, we express these as peace, love, health care.... [more]

Purple Peace Sign Sweat-Free Clothing

This purple peace sign is available on a kid's shirt, on a baby one-piece, or on a man's or woman's... [more]

Peace, Love, Zombies T-Shirt
Have you had just about enough of the way in which Peace and Love have just become a fluffy preamble... [more]

Broken Tank: STOP T-Shirt Against War
Let's stop pushing our way down the path of destruction. Break the engines of war down. And let's communicate... [more]

Iraq, UN, US: United We Stand
"United We Stand, Iraq, UN, US. Peace, Not War. Cooperation, not Occupation. There is a way other... [more]

Peace Sign Anti-Bush American Apparel T-Shirt
"Do you oppose George W. Bush because of his disastrous policy of unwarranted preemptive war? Declare... [more]

Why the Rush to War in Iraq? Ask McCain! T-Shirt
Why the Rush to War in Iraq? Ask John McCain! Original Art by V. Donaghue for WPA Public Art Project.... [more]

Peace, Earth, Yin-Yang, Not Bush (American Apparel Shirt)
"Display your life orientation symbolically: Peace, Earth, Yin Yang, Not W. The first three are what... [more]

Peace, Earth, Love, No W (Anti-Bush Shirt)
"These are the four icons that must guide our times: Peace. Earth. Love. Those three icons lead to... [more]

Peace, Earth, Love, Obama Baby One-Piece
Peace, Earth, Love, Obama. These are the signs of our times. Show your support for a more peaceful... [more]

Obama 2008 Patriotic Peace Hand Baby One-Piece
Put this positive image supporting Barack Obama for President in 2008 on your baby's shirt as a creative... [more]

I Stand Against McCain, For Obama (Campaign 2008 T-Shirt)
The text of this shirt, made proudly in the USA without sweatshop labor, reads: "I stand against war,... [more]

Patriotic Peace Hand Barack Obama Shirt
"The symbol of the peace sign flashed by a hand in patriotic colors expresses love of country and disdain... [more]

Peace, Earth, Love, Obama (Four Tiles Pro-Obama T-Shirt)
"Four icons of 21st Century progressivism: Peace, Earth, Love and Obama. Support Barack Obama as he... [more]

End the War. Vote Obama. T-shirt Made in the USA
"End the war in... [more]

Peace, Love, Liberty, Obama (Colorful Pro-Obama Shirt)
"Peace. Love. Liberty. These are the principles guiding the presidential campaign of Barack Obama in... [more]

Peace Possum T-Shirt for Kids
This possum, who we found clinging precariously to a tree branch, is sending us a message. Don't worry,... [more]

Peace Bug Kids' T-Shirt
Reject war and embrace the living things on this planet when you wear this shirt with a bug crawling... [more]

Peace Spider Childrens' Shirt
This kids' tshirt has all the edge of spider man, but none of that cartoon violence that comes along... [more]

Four Colors of Peace Signs (T-Shirt for Kids)
Peace signs in four colors. American Apparel -- made sweatshop-free for real comfort. [more]

Peace and Justice Dove Baby One-Piece
For thousands of years, the dove has been a symbol of peace and hope for the future. Snuggle your baby,... [more]

Peace Ape Baby One-Piece
The bonobo, a close relative of the chimpanzee, is an animal that unlike other apes resolves conflict... [more]

Santa Claus Peace on Earth Baby One-Piece
Santa Claus rides on his sleigh, giving a thumbs up and a shout out to the viewer as he totes a "Peace... [more]

Sweatshop-Free Peace Newt T-Shirt for Kids
This t-shirt, manufactured sweatshop-free by American Apparel and printed with independent righteousness... [more]

Peace Penguin Kids' T-Shirt
Our friend the penguin is carrying a peace sign on his way to the latest big Antarctic rally. It's cool... [more]

Peace Ankh Kids T-Shirt
The ankh is an ancient symbol that stands for life. The peace sign stands against war. Combine them... [more]

Red Slash Through War Anti-War T-Shirt for Kids
The red slash through the word "war" is a straightforward anti-war expression for this kids' t-shirt,... [more]

Peace and Justice Dove Kids' T-Shirt
"For the peaceful, idealistic child in your life, this sweatshop-free t-shirt features a dove in flight,... [more]

Peace Moose Kids Shirt
Help your kids recognize the value of peace and of nature at the same time with this peace moose... [more]

Santa Claus Peace on Earth Kids' T-Shirt
"Santa Claus rides on his sleigh, giving a thumbs up and a shout out to the viewer as he totes a ""Peace... [more]

Peace on Earth Olive Branch Dove T-Shirt for Kids
A white dove with an olive branch in its mouth flies over our fragile planet, a planet that is smaller... [more]

Patriotic Peace Hand Obama 2008 T-Shirt for Kids
A peace hand arrayed with patriotic stripes contains the text "OBAMA 2008" in groovy letters. You can't... [more]

Peace Ape T-Shirt for Kids
The bonobo, a species related but not identical to the chimpanzee, solves social problems through the... [more]

Peace Roo Kids' T-Shirt
Here stands our peace roo, part of our menagerie for peace. Hop, kangaroo, hop. Peace, kangaroo, peace. [more]

Peace, Earth, Love, Dove T-Shirt for Kids
The peace sign. The Earth. A heart. A dove. These are the signs of our hopes, dreams and aspirations.... [more]

Peace Monkey Kids' T-Shirt
Part of our peace menagerie, this Colobus monkey sits in a tree holding a peace sign. [more]

Montana Against War T-Shirt
A pair of hands reach out from the state map of Montana, holding a banner that reads, "Montana Against... [more]

Hawaii 4 Peace Activist T-shirt
Spread the word of peace in Hawaii, in spite of the islands' thick involvement with the US military.... [more]

Minnesota for Peace Shirt
People in Minnesota know better than... [more]

New Mexico Peace Sign T-Shirt
A blending of the New Mexico State Flag and the classic peace sign gives you a chance to show off your... [more]

Iowa for Peace
People in Iowa feel the weight of war on... [more]

Ohio for Peace
From Cincinnati on up to Cleveland, Ohio... [more]

North Carolina for Peace Tshirt
This shirt promotes the cause of peace in two ways. First, it declares the wearer as among those residents... [more]

Alabama for Peace Activist T-Shirt
Show that the voice for peace in Alabama is still... [more]

Delaware for Peace Activist T-shirt
The time when we can plausibly say that war is the answer to our problems is over. Join Delaware for... [more]

Washington for Peace Activist T-shirt
Residents of the state of Washington support the cause of peace... [more]

California for Peace Activist Shirt
Californians support the cause of peace because they live in a state that's too big and too diverse to... [more]

Kansas Against War Shirt
Kansas has a long history with the futility... [more]

New Jersey Against War
The state of New Jersey is a lot more... [more]

Oregon for Peace
Hold an impromptu peace protest wherever you go when you wear this Oregon... [more]

Obama Peace Hand: Yes We Did! T-Shirt
Celebrate the victorious election of Barack Obama as our new President of the United States of America,... [more]

Obama 08 for President Campaign T-Shirt
Barack Obama is the one Democratic candidate in the 2008 campaign who has an iconic power to captivate... [more]

For Peace, For Kucinich
Peace lovers support Dennis... [more]

Kucinich 2008 Campaign T-Shirt
In the 2008 presidential election, Dennis... [more]

Kalamazoo Against War
"Kalamazoo, Michigan is a community... [more]

Miami for Peace T-shirt
"Miami is a city of sunlight an fresh breezes. Miami knows that the world is too beautiful for war.... [more]

Ithaca for Peace T-Shirt
"Ithaca, New York is one of the strongest cities for peace... [more]

Miamians Against War (American Apparel Shirt)
"Miami is a community of strong progressive pride. Part of that is an increasingly solid stand against... [more]

Asheville Against War (American Apparel Shirt)
"Asheville Against War. If this message speaks for you, let the message speak through you.

This... [more]

Patriotic Peace Hand: Clinton 2012 T-Shirt
"The classic peace hand gesture comes across with American flair when you add the American flag colors... [more]

Barack Obama Patriotic Peace Hand Tote Bag
This patriotic design with a hand flashing a peace sign promotes the candidacy of Barack Obama, the only... [more]

No Iran War Reusable Peace Tote Bag
Bellicose war hawks in both the Republican and the Democratic Party have been doing their best to scare... [more]

Peace Ankh Reusable Tote Bag
The ankh is the symbol of life. Add to it the complementary sign of peace in this peace ankh design.... [more]

Peace, Earth, Love, Dove Reusable Tote Bag
When you use this reusable tote bag for grocery or other shopping, you'll be showing off the values that... [more]

Peace Penguin Grocery Tote Bag
Our little friend the penguin holds a peace sign in a sincere effort to convince us of the rectitude... [more]

Sweatshop-Free Political Activist ShirtsIf you care about the irreverence of a message and the ethics of production, if you love to wear great looking shirts but don't like the weight of a guilty conscience, this is the place for you. Most clothing today is made in sweatshops where workers are abused and paid a pittance -- but there is an alternative. Every shirt we sell here is printed by the small Ohio business Skreened and made in worker-friendly conditions by American Apparel, which has a fully regulated, fully inspected factory. Our shirts will give you the real comfort you've been looking for.

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Junior Fitted T-Shirt
Junior Fitted T-Shirt
Colors: Baby Blue, Cranberry, Gold, Lemon, Lime, Mint, Pink, and White

Junior Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Junior Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Colors: Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange and Purple

Fitted T-Shirt
Fitted T-Shirt
Colors: Baby Blue, Organic Cotton Cream, Gold, Grass, Heather Gray, Lemon, Pink, Sea Foam, Silver, Slate and White

Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Colors: Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Silver
Hooded Sweatshirt
Hooded Sweatshirt
Colors: White

Fitted Baseball Jersey
Fitted Baseball Jersey
Colors: White with Black Sleeves, White with Green Sleeves

Kids T-Shirt
Kids' T-Shirt
Colors: Pink, Baby Blue, Slate, White

Onesies for Babies
Baby Onesie
Colors: Pink, Baby Blue, White
Recent news on peace:

Obama Folds, 19 Senators Stand Firm On Discrimination
There was good news for people who have been fighting for the legal recognition of the equality of heterosexuals and homosexuals yesterday: District Court Judge Virginia Phillips ordered the U.S. military... [more]

Rightling Democrats Most Vulnerable
Roll Call has identified the 9 most vulnerable Democrats... [more]

At Armed Services Committee Hearing, Military Officers Outnumber Politicians
We are at CyberWar, our national politicians tell us, and in a CyberWar we must be ever CyberVigilant and on CyberGuard against our CyberEnemies. Usually, showing up is a prerequisite for vigilance. Earlier... [more]

Open Carry Gun Activist Attacks Woman Outside Rand Paul Debate
Gun rights protesters go to great lengths to portray themselves as normal, peaceful Americans who just so happen to have a very strong emotional connection to deadly weapons that are... [more]

Ram Bomjon Kicks Butt, Bloodies Critics
Devotees of Nepal's "Buddha Boy" Ram Bomjon (Ram Bahadur Bamjan) tend to accept tales of his supernatural powers without even a fig leaf of doubt. The Wisdom Quarterly American... [more]

Friedman: Give America More of What Drags America Down
Welcome to Thomas Friedman's brain: The Problem: Barack Obama's legislative agenda has been stymied... [more]

FBI Raids Waken Slumbering Peace Movement to take Indignant Action
It's just as possible for anti-war activists to commit crimes as... [more]

Mosques and Korans: You've Been Played, Sucker!
As activists advocated the banning of a community center with a mosque inside it, more than 100 press releases on the subject were rolled out of congressional offices on Capitol Hill.... [more]

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