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Today, Republican Senator Pat Roberts lectures us all on the apparent complete lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, in spite of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's promises that they knew for sure that Iraq had massive deadly stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. "Don't let's point fingers," Senator Roberts says.

Oh yes. Let's not point fingers. Pointing fingers is rude, after all.

Now, dropping bombs to kill hundreds of thousands of people in a country that does not have any weapons of mass destruction, now that's polite. In fact, we are to understand that such mass killing is the only decent option for America. Actually, even when these killings are based upon lies by the President and his advisors, they are courageous and honorable, and something that all patriotic Americans are duty bound to support.

Oh yes. Indeed, yes.

The Republicans are eager, in this case, to remind us that it's just no use in society to actually blame people for problems that they caused. When it comes to these cases, that result in massive death and destruction, the Republicans just don't believe in responsibility.

Well gosh, just when do those Republicans demand that anybody take responsibility? That's easy: Republicans believe in pointing fingers, in blaming, in assigning responsibility the most vulnerable Americans, the Americans who decide to follow their own path, who just don't fit into the Country Club America where Dick Cheney and George W. Bush come from.

Who has to take responsibility in this Republican America?

It's not the President, who lied in order to rush hundreds of Americans to their death in a poorly-planned war that just wasn't necessary.

It's not the rich, who get custom-designed legislation to help them avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

No, under the Republicans, it's the poor, blacks, gays, foreigners and non-Christians who get the blame, who get the President's pointing finger jabbing them in the chest. They're the easy targets, the popular scapegoats that Republicans love to taunt.

These are the people that Senator Pat Roberts and his Republican comrades in zealotry on Capitol Hill point their fingers at.

How decent of them. How genteel. How polite.

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