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What's an irregular book? While regular books hunt for consumers, sniffing out their attraction to common-sense solutions and easy answers, an irregular book performs the opposite, escaping cliche by challenging conventions in both style and content. Most importantly, they defy the regular assumption that reading is a dull duty. By provoking the mind to bend into new shapes, Irregular Books provide the kind of stimulation that roller-coaster romantics and predictable publishers miss.

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Talking, Walking, and Waving Flags:
From To Kill a Mockingbird, wisdom on what to tell your child about war

Lying Liars and the Lawyers Who Lie For Them:
On Al Franken, Fox News and free speech

Unholy WarsThe CIA in Afghanistan, the Taliban and International Terrorism

The secret is in THEM, by Jon Ronson

November 1916 by Alexander Solzhenitsyn -- you say history, I say politics of history

One Thousand and One Reasons to Boot Bush book coverA few years ago, we took note of a great book called Is Our Children Learning? The Case Against George W. Bush

. That book was written for the 2000 presidential election between Al Gore and George W. Bush, and it described a good deal of George W. Bush's checkered past, in the business world and as a politician.

Now that the 2004 presidential campaign is upon us, we're in the mood once more for good books that help their readers understand the records of the candidates under consideration. However, we wanted to do much more than just passively read and review a book. This time, we decided to write a book of our own. One Thousand and One Reasons to Boot Bush is the result of this decision, and of our own increasing personal attention to the history of dangerous mistakes that George W. Bush has produced in these four short years.

This book is much more than just a laundry list - it also forms a basic playbook for progressive political grassroots activists. We are much more likely to convince our friends and families of the growing danger presented by George W. Bush if we are able to rely upon more than just our personal feelings of distaste. Having a an encyclopedia of facts about the Bush Administration's misadventures and deceptions makes the activist a force to be contended with. One Thousand and One Reasons to Boot Bush is just such an encyclopedia, and contains hundreds of specific source references for most of the reasons it describes.

A great gift for current activists and those who need a little nudge to get going alike, One Thousand and One Reasons to Boot Bush is one of the most useful political books of what is sure to become one of the most political years in history.

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