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Profiles In Cowardice

The first recipient of Irregular Times's Profiles in Cowardice Award:

Congressional Representative James Walsh

Representative Jim WalshNotable Peculiarity: In spite of prodigious fat-cat connections, he prefers that the media refers to him as "Jim".

Good Buddy: Newt Gingrich, former leader of extremist conservative movement, well known for anouncing his intention to leave his wife for a mistress as wife lay in hospital after cancer treatment.

Recent Quote:"I don't believe the United States is under any imminent threat from Iraq." - September 21, 2002, Syracuse Post-Standard

Distinguishing Cowardice: After acknoweldging that Iraq poses no threat, Walsh voted to give George W. Bush the unlimited authority to invade Iraq without even a United Nations resolution as support.

Cowardly Motivation: Playing with people's lives in order to adjust his political posture before Election Day.

Update on War Waffling:Now, James Walsh complains that it was too "difficult to anticipate" the guerilla war in Iraq, and says that the occupation of Iraq will serve as an excellent model for future wars. Oh, how we wish we were making this up!

Non-Representative Representation: Walsh has raked in almost half his campaign contributions from out of state, and a significant majority of his campaign contributions from outside his home district. How can his constitutents expect him to represent his district when he lets outsider purse-strings pull him elsewhere?

Arch Enemy: in the months leading up to the 2004 Elections, watch for an official alternative candidate to emerge. In the meantime, spread the word of home-grown animus toward fatcat-toy Walsh by slapping this on your bumper:

Enough Waffling, Walsh!  Vote Democrat in 2004

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