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An Uzi in Every Wal-Mart

What has gotten into the Republicans in Congress these days?!?

The Republicans say that they're for Homeland Security, so they pass a bunch of legislation that allows the government to spy on law abiding Americans and use the power of the White House to establish new government powers to eavesdrop on ordinary Americans' personal conversations. When they justify the Bush Administration's rush to obtain the power to snoop in on the private lives of ordinary Americans, they say that we need to sacrifice some of our freedoms for the sake of security.

How is it, then, that these same Republicans refuse to pass any laws that would actually help the government to keep track of high-powered, portable weapons being sold and transported within out own country? The Republican Party thinks it's okay for the FBI to read all your personal emails, but will the GOP let the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms create a registery system so that convicted felons aren't able to buy sniper rifles? No, they say, that would be big government!

Oh protect us from the big government that would have taken the precision automatic rifles away from the Washington D.C. snipers! Such confiscation would be oppression.

Just yesterday, Republican Congressional Representative Tom DeLay announced that he opposes a renewal of the assault weapons ban of 1994. This ban simply makes it illegal for Americans to buy extremely dangerous guns like Uzis for their own "personal" use. Since the ban was passed, deaths from these kinds of guns are way down, but DeLay and most of the other House Republicans think that the ban was an awful idea, because they believe that Americans ought to be able to privately own whatever kinds of weapons they want to own.

Does that include hand grenades and shoulder-launched surface to air missiles, Mr. DeLay?

The special irony is that even as the Republicans insist that every American have the right to carry as many Uzis or other automatic weapons as they want, the same Republicans issued a special proclamation that Iraqi citizens give up the automatic weapons that are their personal property. Markets that sell automatic weapons are also to be banned in Iraq.

So, in Iraq, the Republicans say that they will ban sales of automatic weapons. They say that it's necessary to do so in order to increase security. In the United States of America, however, these same Republicans want to give Americans new rights to buy, sell and carry automatic weapons on the streets. Here in America, the Republicans say, the more high-powered machine guns that people own, the better. They say that making guns like Uzis easily available to people in the United States will make us more secure.

Providing easy legal access to weapons designed for military use would make a terrorist attack within the United States more likely, not less likely. Of course, that doesn't deter the Republicans, who depend upon the NRA for the financial support.

Representative DeLay says that he has enough Republican votes to kill the assault weapons ban, and he's strongly committed to doing so. Republicans are going to make a courageous stand for the right of people to create massive unregulated stockpiles of machine guns within the borders of the United States. Their reasoning is that the terrorists hate America because we have that kind of freedom.

Republicans say that they're repealing the assault weapons ban for the sake of hunters. Folks, do you know any hunters who go after turkey, geese or deer with an Uzi?

Sadly, this isn't just an issue of Homeland Security, it's an issue of crime. If Republicans can't summon the inner strength to renew a law that bans Uzis and other similar machine guns from America's streets, then it seems clear to me that these Republicans are soft on crime.

Don't they remember the days before the Clinton Administration, when children were being mowed down in the streets in drive-by attacks with machine guns of the kind that the Republicans want to put back on the market?

Luckily, Democrats and a few moderate Republicans in Congress are organizing a filibuster against this dangerously extremist Republican attempt to open America's neighborhoods to automatic-firing machine guns.

These reasonable politicians need your help in their effort to prevent the return of machine guns to American neighborhoods. Please, call your representative in the House of Representatives and urge them to participate in the filibuster until the Republicans agree to abandon their reckless attempts to provide a stamp of approval to making Uzis and other machine guns easily available to criminals, terrorists and others who would do us harm.

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