The Ribald Reign of King George the Second

What do the Initials "GWB" Really Stand For?

Throughout history, monarchs have had nicknames that somehow got to the heart of their character: Catherine the Great, Prince Henry the Navigator, and Vlad the Impaler are just a few examples.

Now that we in the United States have a monarch of our own, we need to give him a proper name that will represent his true character for the history books. "George W. Bush" is simply too mundane, drab and boring for our new King! So, we ran a contest to figure out what the Royal monogram, GWB, really ought to stand for.

Below are the results. We've honored the top two entries with bumperstickers. There were too many other hilarious and dead-on submissions to just delete, so we'll list the best of the rest as honorable mentions.

The Winning Entries

Guns, Whiskey, Bible

"Guess What i Bought?"

Honorable Mentions

Greed Without Bounds

Gore Was Better

Goon With Bucks

Gore Wasn't Beaten

Gee, Where's a Beer?

Governor Without Brains

Gosh, Where's my Brain?

Glib Whipping Boy

Good Widdance, Bozo!

Gomer Was Brighter

George Will Bust

Gore Won, But...

God, We're Bummed!

Going to Washington? Bogus!

Government Without Brains

George Wanders Blithely

"Gore Wannabe" Bush

Goober Was Better

"Golly, We Beat'em?"

Goofy, Whiny, Brain-dead

God Works Blunders

Good With Bribes

Greens Were my Buddies

Government We Bought

God, What a Bum!

Gee, What a Bonehead!

Giant Wet Brain

Gimme Whiskey and Beer

George Wants Beer

George Wonder Bread

God, What a Blunder!

Goofy White Boy

Geez, Watta Boob

Great White Blunder

Government (With Bottle)

George, Windbag Blockhead

George Won Barely

Goober Without a Brain

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