Bush Outage: Something We Could Use a Lot Less Of

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We make three commitments. First, we will add at least one new product every day until Election Day 2004. Second, we pledge to donate 20 percent of our profits to good-hearted, progressive political campaigns. Third, all t-shirts we offer on this page are made in the USA in a sweatshop-free workplace.

Each and every bumper sticker is available at the low price of just $3.90. Each sweat-free tee-shirt is only $18.00. When you see a sticker or shirt you like, just click on it to order. Your order will be swiftly, securely and professionally processed by Cafepress.

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Bush Outage 2004 Bumpersticker Can't someone give NYC a Bush Outage? New York City Bumper Sticker Bush Outage 2004 sweat-free shirt
New York really needs a Bush Outage Bumper Sticker What we need is a Bush Outage Bumper Sticker I could really use a Bush Outage 2004 sweat-free shirt
I could use a Bush Outage Bumper Stickers Bush Outage 2004 Power to the People; Blackout Bush

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