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Three things need to happen to stop bullying and downright assaults against kids on the basis of their perceived sexual orientation in our public schools. The first thing that needs to happen is for principals and teachers to stop letting that behavior slide. The second thing that needs to happen is for the community of adults to frankly and sincerely speak out against bulliesí behavior in public and in the home. The third thing that needs to happen is for the same community of adults to visibly send a message to the victims of bullying behavior that are out there, victims who are invisible and silent because theyíve learned itís best to keep their heads down and stay quiet. The message that they need to hear is that they are surrounded by people in their community who donít approve of the violence directed against them and who wonít let it slide and who will back them up if they need it. They need to know who those people are. They need to know that one of the people is you.

That third goal is what Spirit Day is all about. This October 20 and next October 20 and the October 20 after that, wear purple and let people know why. Youíre a big grown-up and youíre protected from violence in a way that kids arenít ó so for just one day why donít you take the flak thatís flying and knock it down? While youíre at it, send out a message to these targeted kids that yes, it gets better. Because it does get better. Really, it does.
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RESPECT Anti-Bullying Purple T-Shirt
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Respect Flag Purple Anti-Bullying T-Shirt
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Wear Purple On October 20 To Oppose Bullying Of Homosexuals

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