Complete Listing: Union-Made T-shirts painted via stencil from Irregular Times

Aw, what the hay. We've decided to start printing and selling t-shirts from our own homes.

Now, don't go imagining that these are immaculately detailed, 256-color high-tech wonders. If you want that, we have some designs that Daniel over at Skreened is happy to print out for you on American Apparel t-shirts.

Nope, these are low-tech shirts. We cut stencils out of re-used cereal boxes. Then we paint over them. The result is (and is meant to be) imperfect, idiosyncratic, and highly irregular. What you see below for each shirt design is one possible outcome. What you get may be slightly different: a splatter there instead of here, a bleed over from one edge to the other -- who knows? We do promise that you'll get a shirt with a clear expression of the design on it. We don't promise that there won't be variation or imperfection involved. In fact, that's kind of the idea.

The uniqueness of these shirts is one advantage. Very few people have bought these shirts, so if you strive to stand out from the standardized crowd these shirts are for you. Another advantage to consider is that these shirts are well-made in two senses: they're of sturdy 100% cotton construction, and they're made right here in the USA by workers for the GCIU, a graphic trades union. So wipe no sweat off your ethical brow, friend: these aren't the sweatshop shirts you'll find at your local megamall.

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Stencilled Peace Dove

Stencilled Peace Dove stencil-painted union-made shirt

Stencilled Red Peace Sign

Stencilled Red Peace Sign stencil-painted union-made shirt

Stencilled Red Raised Fist of Protest

Stencilled Red Raised Fist of Protest stencil-painted union-made shirt

Stencilled Red Slash Through W

Stencilled Red Slash Through W stencil-painted union-made shirt

Stencilled Red Slash Through War

Stencilled Red Slash Through War stencil-painted union-made shirt

Stencilled Speak Truth To Power

Stencilled Speak Truth To Power stencil-painted union-made shirt

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Each of the items for sale on this page is professionally produced right here in the USA, by the same group of us who write all those articles and essays for Irregular Times.

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