The Ribald Reign of King George the Second

Reader's Challenge: Establish That Bush Isn't Stupid

Last week (March 16, 2002) Donald Riese posted the following challenge to Bush supporters:

"George Bush is a stupid, stupid man. Part of the fun of this web site is that George has done so much of the work (of exposing himself as a moron) himself: everyone *knows* he's an idiot! But wait--maybe that's not fair; maybe not everyone agrees he's a dolt. I have to say, though, in all my arguments with people who support His Fraudulency, not one person has made a viable argument, articulated in clear English, as to why it's *inaccurate* to say George is stupid. Not one. So I want to hear it. Where are the people who think George W. Bush is *not* very, very dumb? Post your messages here. Convince me. Bring it on. You'll fail."

Through a high-tech statistical analysis (that we can't tell you about because it's classified, related to Enron, and kept in an undisclosed location for reasons of "national security"), we have determined that scores of Bush supporters visit this web site every day. But nobody has been able to answer Donald's challenge.

Come on, you lovers of Bush, you exalters of George, you devotees of the Lucky Sperm Club, you can do better than this. Give us a viable, well-articulated argument to show us the error of our ways. Show us King George is really a smartie.

Can you do it, or is George W. Bush just plain plumb dumb after all?

Click Here to post your brilliant demonstration of Dubya's sagacious ways. Or, you can post nothing and slink off muttering...

True believers: flummoxed at the idea that good old George W. might not be a smart as a whip? Can we prove that George W. Bush is stupid?

Hey, it took over one year, but finally, one conservative reader has taken up the challenge. Find out how he did!

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