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Is George W. Bush Stupid?

What a Stupid Question!

Over a year ago (March 16, 2002) Donald Riese posted the following challenge to Bush supporters:

"George Bush is a stupid, stupid man. Part of the fun of this web site is that George has done so much of the work (of exposing himself as a moron) himself: everyone *knows* he's an idiot! But wait--maybe that's not fair; maybe not everyone agrees he's a dolt. I have to say, though, in all my arguments with people who support His Fraudulency, not one person has made a viable argument, articulated in clear English, as to why it's *inaccurate* to say George is stupid. Not one. So I want to hear it. Where are the people who think George W. Bush is *not* very, very dumb? Post your messages here. Convince me. Bring it on. You'll fail."

Guess what? Over a year later, although we've had between one and two hundred thousand unique visitors in the meantime, we've had only two responses. The first is from from Tristan in Benton, Arkansas. Perhaps we should say "non-response". Here it is:

"By reading this i have to wonder many things about the author, my biggest question; however, is why the author did not back up his claims with some proof. The author did not give any reasons at all why he believes George W. Bush is "stupid". The reason why is because there is nothing to back up his comments with. All the author is is a very moronic person trying to sound intelligent by 'dissing" our president. So, to prove me wrong back up your statement with some real evidence." - Tristan

Now, Tristan, the challenge was to prove that George W. Bush is NOT stupid. Is this retort, that we should prove that Bush IS stupid, the best you can do? Are you seriously saying that you cannot come up with proof of George W. Bush's intelligence? Is your only defense of Bush that no one has proved that he's a complete idiot? Is this the best that any Bush defender can do? Seems to be so.

Well, ok then. It's a slow day, so we'll take your challenge, to demonstrate George W. Bush's less-than-brainy nature. The following points are just for starters:

Is George W. Bush stupid?

Let's start with the fact that Bush's advisors won't allow him to make un-scripted appearances. Unlike presidents before him, George W. refuses to hold regularly-scheduled press conferences in which he has to answer unanticipated questions from reporters. Even Bush's appearance at a pre-scheduled "press conference" to inform the nation of his plans to launch an unprovoked invasion of Iraq was exposed as a pre-scripted event by reporters in attendance. The fact that Bush's advisors won't let the President speak for himself in public indicates that they don't think that he's smart enough.

Is George W. Bush stupid?

More evidence for his lack of intelligence is his inability to adhere to the basic rules of English grammar, like keeping the same verb tense in a single sentence. George W. Bush commonly mixes the present tense with the past tense. He also mixes up singular and plural, unable to conjugate the most simple verbs in English. The most famous example is Bush's embarrasing campaign question, "Is our children learning?" The correct sentence would have been "Are our children learning?" This skill is taught in elementary school, so why can't George W. get it right?

Is George W. Bush stupid?

His ignorance of the basics of history is a pretty clear example of the ways in which his little mind is just not up to the job of President. In February, for example, Bush lectured the Japanese parliament about how the United States and Japan had been allies "for a century and a half", when in fact, the US and Japan have only been allied since after World War II, which ended just over 50 years ago. You'll also remember how when he was campaigning to be President, Bush had no idea who the President of Pakistan was, even though the military coup in Pakistan had recently been front-page news. Campaigning for President and not bothering to read the newspaper sounds pretty stupid to me.

Is George W. Bush stupid?

Well, he got below average grades in college and spent half of his adult life as a drunk, and some say a cocaine addict. That's a dumb thing to do, and alcohol kills brain cells, so we know he could have ended up a lot smarter than he is today. Driving drunk, which he admits to doing and has been convicted for, is definitely a stupid thing to do. Of course, his advisors tried to keep that conviction off the public record, which is also what they do with his public comments and speeches - they censor and edit them after the fact, changing the official transcripts to erase his mistakes! His advisors must think he's stupid if they have to fix what he says (it's all documented in the Washington Post - look it up if you can manage it).

Is George W. Bush stupid?

He doesn't even understand how the beliefs of his own church are different from the beliefs of other churches, even though he goes to church every week! In 1994, George W said, "The Episcopal Church is very ritualistic and it has a kind of repetition to the service. It's the same service, basically, over and over again. Different sermon, of course. The Methodist Church is lower key. We don't have the kneeling. And I'm sure there is some kind of heavy doctrinal difference as well, which I'm not sophisticated enough to explain to you." He admits he's not smart to understand how Methodist theology is different from Episcopal theology, so how can he understand the nuances of U.S. foreign policy?

Is George W. Bush dumb?

He apparently is pretty fuzzy-headed about the economy and basic mathematics. Last year, he was insisting that his tax cuts combined with increased spending would ensure the continuation of a budget surplus. To professional economists, that idea seemed to be kind of stupid. They said so, but George W. Bush dismissed their criticism. Now, it turns out that Bush has admitted that he was wrong, and that the United States will have budget deficits for the next decade because of his fuzzy math. In a show of unbelievably bull-headed inanity, George W. Bush is calling for making these damaging tax cuts permanent. Heck, during the debates, Bush admitted that he had difficulty with math that required a calculator. Is that smart?

Is George W. Bush dumb?

He said he appointed Thomas White to be Secretary of the Army because White had great business experience at Enron. Bush said he wanted Thomas White to run the Army like he ran his business. The problem is, White's former employees say that he was dishonest and helped to set up fake partnerships that eventually led to Enron's bankruptcy. White responds that he had no part in the illegal fraud because he wasn't really in touch with the operations of the division he was supposed to be in charge with. So, either White is either a criminal or grossly incompetent. When George W. Bush appointed this man to run the United States Army, it was a very stupid thing to do.

Is George W. Bush dumb?

He has no understanding of basic scientific concepts, and even worse, he makes up science in order to support his own policies. He has stated that he believes that creationism has equal scientific validity as the theories of biological evolution through natural selection. He doesn't understand the basic science of global warming, genetic engineering, stem cell research, cloning, abstinence education, contraception and missile shield research. Time and time again, he's gotten the science wrong on these issues, even though the correct information was readily available. We're in the 21st century now, and we need a President who is well-educated and able to critically evaluate the science behind public policy. When it comes to scientific literacy, George W. Bush gets a failing grade.

In just a few paragraphs, we've been able to cite many examples of George W. Bush's stupidity, ignorance and intellectual laziness. We could go on for much longer. As his inept muddling with U.S. policy in the Middle East has proven, George W. Bush just doesn't have the brains to be a good President. Since he's become President, the economy has faltered, U.S foreign policy has disintegrated into a confused tangle, constitutional freedoms have been undermined, and environmental protections have been destroyed so that Bush's big oil executive friends can make bigger profits for themselves. Heck, Bush couldn't even maintain control over the Senate in a non-election year! His presidency has been a chaotic mess.

Is George W. Bush stupid?

What a stupid question: of course he is!

Now, we encourage you to read the second attempt at proof of Bush's intelligence we've received, thankfully a little bit more substantive.

Confronted with the lack of any successful response, we must repeat the challenge. Come on, you lovers of Bush, you exalters of George, you devotees of the Lucky Sperm Club, you can do better than this. Give us a viable, well-articulated argument to show us the error of our ways. Show us King George is really a smartie.

Can you do it, or do you admit that George W. Bush just plain plumb dumb after all?

Click Here to snap us back into place with your brilliant demonstration of Dubya's sagacious ways. Or, you could do nothing and slink off muttering in defeat...

Of course, we've had no responses from Bush supporters in the past six months, even though this page is one of the most read of hundreds available at Irregular Times. What gives? Ah, well. With no challenges on this front, we've decided to expand the list of Bush's stupidities for the 2004 election. By November 2004, we are committed to naming 2004 reasons to Boot Bush. Click here to read the list we've got so far. Or Click here to send us your own reason to add to the ever-growing list.

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