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Review: Sellit ADPAK Apparently Fails to Deliver Ads As Promised

Starting in August and through last month, we at Irregular Times tried out the Sellit ADPAK advertising widget in order to review its performance. In its FAQ section, Sellit promises to deliver at least 15,000 “impressions” (views of the advertisement) in a month:

But as you can see from this screen capture of a […]

One Month With Sellit AdPak: 0.6% Clickthrough, $19.41 Profit

To evaluate the usefulness of Sellit’s ADPAK advertising widget, we signed up for a month’s worth of the program’s ad placements. According to Sellit, the following widget was placed on various webpages related to health care reform for 15,000 page views over 30 days:

According to Google Analytics (the program Sellit recommends for tracking), […]

Sellit ADPAK: 26 Days, 76 Clickthroughs, 9 Orders, $13.61 in Profit

For the past 26 days, Irregular Times has departed from its practice of not taking out advertisements in order to transparently test Sellit’s “ADPAK.” The ADPAK is a $14.99/month advertising program that designs and places an advertising widget for clients on various websites. In this case, we asked Sellit to place widgets advertising our health […]

Sellit AdPak: 19 Days, 50 Visits, 7 Orders, $1.47 in the Hole

In addition to reviewing the structure of an advertising service called the Sellit ADPAK, I’ve decided to review it practically by using it. Whatever critiques I might make about an advertising method, the results that ultimately matter are sales. I’ve spent $14.99 for 15,000 placements of Sellit’s ADPAK advertising widget, featuring items in the hottest […]

Sellit Doesn't Expect Much from its own Widget. Should it?

For two weeks now, I’ve been reviewing the advertising service called Sellit ADPAK by using it and reporting the results. With two weeks of service left to go, I’ve only had 4 sales from the ADPAK, not yet enough to make back Sellit’s $14.99 fee.

Sellit just sent me a survey by e-mail suggesting that […]

Sellit ADPAK After 12 Days: 24 Clickthroughs, 4 Orders, $7.07 in the Hole

For 12 days now, we’ve been reviewing an advertising service called Sellit by using it, paying $14.99 for 15,000 advertising “views” of a widget featuring our healthcare reform buttons, bumper stickers and t-shirts. Healthcare policy is the hottest topic of the day in the news, and Sellit has designed the widget itself, making this a […]

Sellit ADPAK Test: 9 Clickthroughs in 5 Days, $10.55 in the Hole

For 30 days, we are testing the Sellit ADPAK, a $14.99/month advertising program that places a widget advertising our health care reform bumper stickers on various websites. There are two standards by which we will measure results over the 30 days:

1. Sellit’s described click-through rate. Sellit describes two outcomes of advertising through their service, […]

Testing Sellit ADPAK for CafePress: 5 Clickthroughs in 2 Days, $13.83 in the Hole

Last week, “Katie Fox” posted a fawning message here at Irregular Times, a message that began, “we respect your influence in the POD community.” This was my first hint that we’d been subjected to cut-and-paste spam. Indeed, you can find Ms. Fox’s canned message spread all over the internet on websites related to CafePress, a […]