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Willful Misinterpretation of a Diner Mat

So that’s where they come from. I kind of would hope that they might sleep now and then. But I don’t want a headache. Small business + Rural area = Wide range of products. I miss Oriental Rugs and Fiddles. Groovy.  Messy.

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Triple Unreality

1. Viewing medical records and smiling. 2. While holding a baby and caring for a well-behaved toddler. 3. In a clean kitchen. For more unreality, see It’s Like They Know Us.

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Must See Advertisements?

Marketing Magazine, in a tweet this afternoon, promises to show its readers a list of “must-see ads” for the week. Must-see advertisements? Readers, can you name even one advertisement that you have seen that you felt, afterwards, it was necessary for you to see? Are

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Would Mother Nature Move You Through A Purchase Funnel?

Mother Nature Network – it sounds like a warm and friendly, huggy and human kind of place – the sort of news web site that might hand you a warm, freshly-baked gluten-free cookie when you visit. It’s a web site that celebrates the “Joy of

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This Is An Advertisement For Wine

This is an advertisement for wine… and the Super Bowl is a way to encourage physical fitness… and Lady Gaga has legitimate concerns that publishers aren’t allowing her to display her natural beauty… and The Hunger Games provides an important critique of the way that

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Undead Meditation

I have been boarded up in the basement of my home for 4 days straight now. I’ve been eating nothing but Ramen noodles and Cheezits, and drinking condensation on the pipes in this dark hole. The advertisers await outside, moaning, looking for a way in.

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Elegance Is An Attitude, Plus A Lot Of Money

Why aren’t you elegant enough? The Longines luxury watch company has an answer to this haunting question: You have the wrong attitude. Elegance is an attitude – that’s the tag line from the recent spate of advertisements for the Longines luxury watches. The suggestion presented

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What Do Superman and Twizzlers Have In Common?

Shopping at the grocery store this morning, I passed by a display of Twizzlers – a kind of red, chewy, stringy candy that is something like licorice, but without the taste. The display was promoting Twizzlers as Invincible Summer Fun, along with the latest Superman

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