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Afghan Escalation Not Begun As Capital Under Attack

How could the Taliban have assaulted the capital city of Afghanistan, the stronghold of the American-led forces in that country? Barack Obama launched an escalation of the war there, didn’t he? […]

Politics of Fear Continue Under Obama

An incompetent terrorist wannabe fails to blow up anything, and the Obama White House increases security everywhere. Americans in Afghanistan are actually blown up, and Obama continues with business as usual. That’s the politics of fear for you. […]

14 Americans Killed Fighting To Defend Corrupt Afghan Government

It’s an Islamic theocracy that doesn’t respect the human rights of its citizens. American efforts to prop up this government have resulted in large numbers of deaths among Afghan civilians, further inflaming anti-American anger. […]

Afghanistan Mission Shows War A Poor Tool For Change

For all the reasons that we were told that going to war in Afghanistan would be a good idea, war has been an ineffective tool, in fact. […]

5 Soldiers Die For Corrupt Afghan Government

Why should the United States continue fighting in Afghanistan? […]

We Fight For Fraud

Why are we fighting a war in Afghanistan to support a government that commits election fraud? […]

Bloodbath In Afghanistan

Should the coalition of foreign fighters have bombed the tanker when it was surrounded by civilians? Some people are going to say yes, because that coalition is controlled by the U.S. military. […]

When Military News is Skewed, Reliable Statistics Become Crucial. Where are they?

“We just help the military figure out what embed is right for a particular reporter. If a reporter is classified as ‘negative’ they are less likely to go where the action is and more likely to be covering a platoon that guards sandbags in Herat.” — employee, The Rendon Group

Neutralized Journalists lead to a […]

Afghanistan Discussistan

Is Senator Russ Feingold right when he says it’s time to discuss how to get American soldiers out of Afghanistan? […]

Anti-War Protests Continue, Uncovered

Though the media mojo has moved on to protesters who are demanding that they not be given better access to health care, this protest for peace still made at least a local impression. […]

War in Afghanistan Not Helping Afghan Women

It seems war is not the effective instrument of equality that many people thought it would be. […]