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Greenpeace Protest Skewers Democrats On Climate Legislation

Climate change is already costing us billions of dollars every year, but the Democrats’ bill postpones strong action until decades from now – decades too late. Greenpeace confronted this inadequate approach with a dramatic protest yesterday on the face of Mount Rushmore. […]

Obama Urges Congress To Go Soft On Polluters

By Obama’s own measure, he’s not taking the action on climate change or labor that America needs from its President. […]

Kucinich Heads Progressive Opposition To Flawed House Climate Bill

The American Clean Energy and Security Act grants huge amounts of money into non-existent carbon sequestration technology, which, even if it were to be invented, would not make coal into a clean source of energy. […]

Markey Waxman Energy Bill Skimps On Conservation

It’s a hard truth that won’t be politically popular, but Americans cannot go on using as much energy as they have. The Waxman Markey legislation fails to acknowledge that, and so, it fails even to set the goals that we need. […]

Are Waxman and Markey Supporting Clean Coal?

Clean coal is a fraud. So, why does the Waxman-Markey legislation provide government support to support the fraud? […]