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101st Way to Exasperate a Liberal: Skirt NonReligious Meeting Laws and Arrest Those Who take Them Seriously

School board administrators in Polk County, Florida have had a hard time keeping their religion out of the public schools. Last spring, a God-themed banner was placed outside one of its elementary schools, and last fall a Polk County citizen complained of persistent opening prayers at school board meetings dominated by Christian clergy and references [...]

Achy Breaky Atheists?

A tale of family woe from Billy Ray Cyrus is a useful fable of the dangerous moral convenience found in taking all the temptation in one’s own heart and ascribing it to an invisible mythological character. Getting dunked in holy water to ward off this “Satan”, one avoids having to look within and face one’s own darkness. [...]

Herman Cain Campaigns For Theocracy

In Herman Cain’s vision for America, the government can become a State Church, using money gathered through taxes to fund Christian worship. [...]

One Fifth Of Tea Party Is Non Christian

One fifth of Tea Party members are non Christian. How could the Democratic Party pull these Tea Party members away? [...]

Democrats Lead Among Seculars And Religious Independents

The Democratic Party would do well to show more appreciation for its solid non-Christian base of support. [...]

Do Christians Know More About Atheism Than Atheists?

Do Christians know more about atheists than atheists themselves do? When it comes to the relationship between atheists and Christianity, ignorance is not mutual. [...]

Atheists Know More About Religion Than Religious Believers Do

The results of the Pew Center’s U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey suggest that if people truly want Americans to become more religiously literate, the last thing they ought to do is to follow the example of Christian organizations. [...]

Atheist Leadership Test in Australia

If Julia Gillard is able to be an effective national leader, will that change Americans’ resistance to voting an atheist into the White House? [...]

Courtyard Of The Gentiles? What’s the Point?

The Pope might as well attend a debate in which he’s expected to discuss his relationship to the Wiccan rites of Beltane. [...]

Congressional Chaplain Slams Non-Christians and Atheists in Official Prayer

Day after day, Daniel P. Coughlin is using his position in Congress to exalt Christianity and put down non-Christian Americans. [...]

Dems and GOP Disrespect Major Constituency

While the Democrats and Republicans think that they can get away with disrespecting the large and growing number of non-religious Americans, the Green Party is speaking directly to them. [...]