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Flaming Out, Draft Walker Campaign tries to Jump on Slightly Less Flaming Buddy Roemer Campaign

Out of three originally scheduled ballots, there is only one ballot left in the Americans Elect presidential primary process, because no candidate to date has qualified. The privatize-social-security draft candidate David Walker is painfully far behind. In order to get on the Americans Elect ballot, the rules stipulate a candidate must obtain 1,000 votes of […]

Balance Of Security and Liberty Is Not In the Constitution

The concept that there must be a balance between security and freedom is found nowhere in the Constitution. In fact, the word “balance” is completely absent from both the original document and its amendments. […]

Obama Advisor Ben Rhodes Dissembles on FISA, H.R. 6304, Security and Liberty

Ben Rhodes, Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy Advisor and Senior Speechwriter, has come out in public with an explanation for why Senator Obama has decided to support H.R. 6304, the bill that not only revokes citizens’ standing to file constitutional challenges to warrantless surveillance but also enables wiretaps, electronic surveillance and physical searches without a warrant, […]