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McCain Brags About Passing Bill That Didn't Pass

How desirable was the bailout bill that was voted down in Congress yesterday? Set that question aside for the moment and recall John McCain’s stunt last week of “suspending” his campaign and declaring he just didn’t have time to debate his opponent, because he had

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Why Not Just Open a New Bank or Credit Union?

Can someone help me understand this? If the whole goal of this $700 Billion bailout is to forestall the failure of big lenders, which * wouldn’t be a problem for the deposits of any but the most ultrawealthy, since those deposits are already federally insured,

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Bush Administration Surveillance of Your Bank Records Expands

In March of this year, Adam Davidson of NPR reported on the use of bank surveillance orders to snoop in on the details of your personal financial transactions without so much as the warrant: Banks monitor even the most mundane transactions…. Banks monitor every transaction.

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