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Martin O’Malley Talks Tough To Big Banks

When Martin O’Malley talks tough about big banks, does that make you more likely to support the O’Malley for President campaign? […]

Legislation By Bernie Sanders Shows GOP Congress Is Managerially Incompetent

Bernie Sanders has introduced a bill to break up banks that are too big to fail. What the Republican managers of Congress have done with it is absurd. […]

June 2012 Protests: A Partial List (Add to It)

The June 2012 protest calendar of World Can’t Wait is empty. The June 2012 protest calendar of United for Peace and Justice is empty. The June 2012 events list for the ANSWER Coalition consists of nothing but screenings and internal discussion events. These organizations no longer appear to be the vanguard of social movement activity […]

Are you Moving your Money from Bank of America on 4/13?“>Occupy activists are asking people who hold Bank of America accounts to shut them down and move their funds to a credit union or community bank on April 13.

Do you have a Bank of America account? If you do, are you planning to move your money?

Bank Of America Helps Rick Perry While Laying Off Thousands

Are we really supposed to believe that Bank of America wants to give Rick Perry nothing more than advice about job creation? Bank of America itself isn’t creating jobs. It’s destroying jobs by the thousands. What possible advice on job creation could Bank of America give to Rick Perry? […]

Trey Gowdy Gets A Different Sort Of Free Coffee From His Bank

Big money and lavish coddling for Trey Gowdy from the banking industry comes just a year and a half after banks received huge amounts of money in bailouts from the federal government. […]

Preliminary Data: 2009 was Record High Year for collection of Warrantless Suspicious Activity Reports by U.S. Government

The Patriot Act, passed back in 2001, requires banks and other financial institutions to send the U.S. Government “suspicious activity reports” regarding Americans’ financial transactions at a dramatically lower standard for what qualifies as “suspicious” and a new emphasis on the use of financial surveillance to keep track of PEPs — “politically exposed persons.” NPR’s […]

Worst and Best of the Bailout?

The thought that occurred to me most strongly is that the relative ethical worthiness of these corporations can’t be adequately judged with just a couple of different numbers describing limited aspects of their performance. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that each and every one of these corporations, even Capital One, has set itself apart by coming to the government with cap in hand, begging for money. […]

Protest Shuts Down Bankers

They came to protest the ABA’s hiring of lobbyists to oppose mortgage restructuring for family homes. In response, did the American Bankers Association open their doors and listen? […]

Protest Corporate Abuse of Bailout Money Tomorrow

Anyway, there are protests against corporate abuse of bailout money in scores of cities around the country scheduled for tomorrow. Check out the Take Back The Economy web site for information about what’s happening near you. […]

Inauguration Of Life Without A Car

Why Inauguration Day will also be the inauguration of my life without a car. […]