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Stop Worrying, God’s Got It

Dead baby on a Turkish beach? (source) More than 100,000 flee massive floods in Japan? (source) 8,000 dead in Ukraine? (source) 7 civilians (including 5 children) killed by U.S. forces’ bomb? (source) Thousands dead in an Ebola epidemic? (source) What exactly has God got in

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Child Trafficking Baptists in Haiti?

If we fear for the well-being of genuine Haitian orphans, and not just a group of kids that a church group out of its depth thinks would be better off in the Bible Belt of the USA, then we can send our support through solid organizations, such as Oxfam, which are helping to rebuild Haitian infrastructure.

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Southern Baptists Losing Favor of God?

Is it because Southern Baptist churches preach hate and discrimination? Is it because Southern Baptist churches stand against the traditional American values of liberty, equality and justice for all Americans? Is it because Southern Baptist churches have yahoos like Mike Huckabee standing up and proclaiming that women need to be subservient to their husbands?

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