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Hero Worship Has Its Limits

The name “Barack” is not among the 2000 most popular baby names for 2008 in the United States. To be more exact, the name “Barack” does not appearing in the 1000 most popular boy names or the 1000 most popular girl names in Social Security

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Obama Supporter’s Questions on FISA Go Unanswered

Yesterday, Barack Obama made a statement regarding his support for H.R. 6304, along with a complete lack of an answer regarding the sections of the bill that permit surveillance of Americans for 67 days without any oversight or regulation, much less a warrant. The campaign

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Pro-Obama T-Shirts Recommended by Skreened

Some think that with the departure of George W. Bush and Karl Rove from the scene in January of 2009 we can rest easy. But that’s not the case. Our new president, Barack Obama, is not a saint. He is a human being subject to

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