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Joe Biden Wishes that Republicans followed their Leaders like Sheep

“There isn’t a Republican party. I wish there were, I wish there was a Republican party. I wish there was one person we could sit across the table from and make a deal and make the compromise and know when you got up from the table that the deal was done.” — Vice President Joseph […]

I Am Not in the Democrats’ Base Constitutency, and We Aren’t on the Same Team

“Remind our base constituency to stop whining and get out there and look at the alternatives. This president has done an incredible job. He’s kept his promises.” — Joe Biden, September 27 2010

Has Barack Obama kept his promises?

“The idea that we’ve got a lack of enthusiasm in the Democratic base, that people […]

Sarah Palin Already Looking For Post-Election Path

Joseph Biden isn’t looking for something to do after Election Day. He knows what he plans to do – preparing to become Vice President. […]

McCain, Obama and Biden Failed to Confront Torture

Democrats have been gutless cowards refusing to stand against torture, but Republicans have been the cheerleaders of torture. That’s not the difference I would like to see, but it is a difference, and it’s enough of a distinction that I can’t ignore it. […]

Biden Is Being Interviewed. Why Is Sarah Palin Afraid?

The edited and released version of that interview, apparently, did not include the more challenging questions such as “What is your favorite color?” […]

McCain 9/29, Obama 10/4, Columbus Ohio. Two Rallies, Same City, One Week Apart. Big Difference.

When I showed up 2 1/2 hours before the 9/29/08 rally in Columbus, Ohio in support of John McCain and Sarah Palin, I jumped right to the head of the line… because I was the line:

When I showed up 2 1/2 hours before the 10/4/08 rally in Columbus, Ohio in support of Barack […]

Are Biden and Obama the Most Liberal Senators?

Joseph Biden has earned a progressive score of just 50 percent. Only half of the time over the last two years has Biden sided with a liberal perspective in the Senate. The other half of the time, he’s opposed it. […]

Biden-Palin 10/2: Your Debate Reactions?

The debate between Joseph Biden and Sarah Palin is over. Assuming you watched the debate, what are your reactions to it?

Palin Versus Biden: Talking Points Versus Thinking on the Go

Sarah Palin is parroting out talking points, shoving off-topic canned sentences in whether they fit the question or not. Joseph Biden is showing the advantage of maturity and years of experience, having something substantive and considered to say every time he gets the chance.

Sarah Palin is literally shaking with the strain of the task […]

12 Days Out, Sarah Palin Still Won't Answer Your Questions

On the campaign trail, Joseph Biden regularly travels apart and campaigns on his own separately from Barack Obama. He can handle it.

Sarah Palin doesn’t campaign on her own, apart from John McCain. She can’t handle it.

Since he was announced as the Vice Presidential running mate of Barack Obama, Joe Biden has been taking […]

In Wake of Obama-Biden Announcement, Clinton 2012 Shirts Sell Like Hotcakes

Since the campaign of Barack Obama announced this morning that Joseph Biden would run as Obama’s running mate, our most popular-selling shirt is…

Yep. Look for other signs of discontent among people who are, to put it mildly, bummed that Hillary Clinton will not be on the top or the bottom of the presidential […]