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The Bigotry That Billy Graham and Barack Obama Share

I suddenly remembered that Barack Obama had met with Billy Graham. How can Barack Obama reconcile Billy Graham’s opposition to equal rights for gays and lesbians when Obama believes… and that’s where the thought fizzled out. Barack Obama, of course, has expressed opposition to equal rights for gays and lesbians himself.

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Fort Bragg Favors Only Christian Events

Fort Bragg gave money, staff and its official endorsement to a Christian missionary concert organized by an evangelical group from Minnesota, but refused to give any of those things to a pro-secular concert organized by one of its own soldiers.

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Donna Edwards Disappoints With Billy Graham Nonsense

Representative Edwards needs to remember that she was elected to replace Al Wynn because of the support of progressive Democrats. She needs to uphold progressive values, such as respect for the Constitution, as a member of Congress. If she continues to pander to the Religious Right with resolutions like H. Res. 1358, she could lose the support of the Democratic voters in her district, and g the way of Al Wynn.

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