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Spring Black Friday, on Two Thursdays and a Sunday

I spotted this sign yesterday outside a Home Depot in Rockland, Maine: You read that right: “Spring Black Friday” will be held on all days of the week, over eleven days beginning on a Thursday and ending on a Sunday. ¬†And whereas “Black Friday” refers

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Disney Innovation Goes Surreal

I had always considered the Walt Disney company, especially in its 20th Century incarnation, to be staid, conservative, safe, dull, and obvious.  That assessment falls away in the face of Disney’s My Very First Dictionary, copyright 1989.  The book was open to the page you

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Will Maine Elect a Creationist Governor?

Maine Republican gubernatorial nominee Paul LePage couldn’t possibly have been more upfront this year about his advocacy for putting creationism in public schools. Asked “Do you believe in creationism, and do you think it should be taught in Maine public schools?”, LePage’s complete response was,

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