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Packing List for 1-20-09: What to Bring to the Inauguration

My packing list for a presidential inauguration that weather forecasters say will be dry but cold, with temperatures lingering around the freezing mark on January 20, 2009: To Leave Behind: Umbrella, backpack, folding chair, thermos of coffee. The above have been prohibited from inaugural events

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Nokia N810 Review: Larger and More Off-Kilter, Please

Last month I had the opportunity to test a Nokia N810 thingamabob. It’s hard to describe with one word what the Nokia N810 is, although some try with the ungainly and insufficient “internet-tablet.” I won’t even try to stick with one word, since the N810

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Aussies Call In Against Old Growth Cutting

Barack Obama has not and will not do jack to confront the problem of the destruction of old growth forest on Brown Mountain down in Australia. It’s up to people like you to get on the job. Obama won’t do everything for us.

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A Review of the Peek Email Mobile Device

Sending e-mails is all it can do, but for someone like me stuck without power or for someone like me who takes his kids out a lot or for someone like me who wants to occasionally blog from the scene, “only” e-mail is a lot.

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