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3 Republicans Break Ranks, Vote Against Repealing Obamacare

Republicans in Congress are no longer unanimous in their opposition to the health care reform law. […]

1/2 of GOP Candidates for Governor of Maine Would Put Creationism in Public Schools

They say the Republican Party in Maine is pretty darned liberal. But what do the Republican Party candidates for Governor say for themselves? In a televised debate on May 27 2010, Maine Public Broadcasting Network’s Jennifer Rooks asked each of the GOP candidates for Governor of Maine the following question in the debate’s lightning round:


Republican Candidate for Governor Enjoys Record-Breaking Fundraising Success With Himself

Republican real estate developer and candidate for governor of Maine Bruce Poliquin announced a stunning success in fundraising yesterday with the raising of $160,000 for his 2010 campaign… from himself. “It was a long and hard slog to reach this point,” explained Poliquin in a Bangor news conference. “When I was first asked to contribute […]