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You’re Late For Business Time

Forbes, one of the central arbiters of conventional business culture, has declared that, in business, if you’re 5 minutes early for an appointment, you are on time, but if you’re on time for an appointment, you’re late. The implications of this idea are obvious. If

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Business is Always Better? Consider Health Care, says Amy

John Stossel writes: “I bet my readers $1,000 that they couldn’t name one thing that government does better than the private sector. I am yet to pay. Free enterprise does everything better.” John Stossel must be blind. Consider health care, for instance. Professor Douglas Amy

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How To Be Smart

The very smart people at the Harvard Business Review have a new issue out at news stands, with a feature article advising us “How To Make Smarter Decisions”. (Not to be confused with the book Making Smart Decisions published by the Harvard Business Review two

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Business Engagement Vision

You know how you hear social media experts talking about “user engagement”? I found this graphic on the web site of a company promising to deliver “inspiring vision, understanding, engagement”. Is it just me, or are these engaged white collar workers reminiscent of Marvin, the

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