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Not a Good Way to Avoid the Lawsuit Thingy is looking for a freelance programmer: Budget: $250-750 Created: 08/06/2009 at 0:12 EDT Hello, We need a clone of or with exact features…. And with a paycheck of up to $750, these folks will be sure to get a mighty fine program.

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New CafePress Marketplace Designs Down 22% since March 2009

When in the early summer CafePress raised prices for customers buying t-shirts and cut pay for designers making graphics for t-shirts, a number of observers predicted that CafePress would lose designers to competitors like Zazzle and Skreened. It was also predicted that CafePress would lose

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CafePress Goofs With Squidoo Module Interface

There are a lot of Squidoo pages that had been directing traffic to CafePress, but aren’t any more. It’s likely that many CafePress shopkeepers who had maintained CafePress modules at Squidoo pages are feeling too disenchanted with CafePress to repair these modules, and may work with plain text modules linking to alternative print on demand companies, such as Skreened, instead.

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